Gt5 Greencell Technologies And Hy-drive Announce Strategic Agreement; Set To Launch Hydrocell Max”

Toronto, Canada GreenCell Technologies Inc. (Frankfurt Open Market: GT5) announced today that it has signed an agreement with Hy-Drive Technologies Inc. (TSX Venture Exchange: HGS) of Mississauga, Ontario. GreenCell is now the exclusive distributor of the renowned HGS series of hydrogen gas generators for the diesel truck market in Canada and the USA.
Over the past 6 years, Hy-Drive Technologies has allocated millions of capital to research and develop an innovative generator, similar to the GreenCell HydroCell, launching a product that specifically works on Caterpillar diesel engines older than 2007. All HGS-series product have undergone rigorous field trials and conquered the design hurdle of handling the rugged environmental conditions in which these generators must operate to deliver improved fuel consumption.
Effective immediately, the Hy-Drive unit targeting Caterpillar engines will be branded as a HydroCell Max, with the accompanying tagline of Hy-Drive inside in order to proudly recognize Hy-Drives extensive technology and research commitment. The greatly-anticipated dual goal of improving both mileage and emissions has been successfully met and now new units for other engine manufacturers are imminent, awaiting dyno testing and tuning to maximize performance.
With this new agreement, states GreenCells President K. Allen Etherington, we are launching GreenCells sales and marketing machine to start selling proven product right away. We found Hy-Drive to be wonderfully cooperative in arranging this deal to become the exclusive sales channel for them in the US and Canadian market and also assisting us with technical support as we build our field support team. Meanwhile, the Greencell development of our own HydroCell product line will continue at an increased pace alongside the HydroCell Max to provide a cost reduced alternative.
The HydroCell is an electrolysis-based on-demand Hydrogen generator designed specifically for the transport industry. The HydroCell directs the produced Hydrogen gas to the intake of the vehicles engine where it acts as a catalyst during the normal combustion cycle. This creates more power and fewer emissions with less diesel fuel.
GreenCell Technologies Inc. is a Canadian company, dedicated to designing and bringing to market technology-based products for the transportation and energy industries.

About the Author:
GT5 GreenCell Technologies Inc is a Canadian company dedicated to designing and bringing to market, technology-based products in the alternative energy market. The current product is called the HydroCell, an on-board on-demand hydrogen generator engineered specifically for Diesel Transport Trucks.

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