Globe-trotting in Style without Hurting Your Budget

Once you’ve had a taste of the luxurious life, there’s just no going back. This is mainly the reason why I strive to live a comfortable life though my means hardly allow for it. All thanks to my womanizer of a dad who left us not just without father but also without money and to my drunkard of a mom who is around but is better off gone. There was once a time when I can afford first class Boulder car service with but loose change; now I rely on my lucky stars to get a cheap limo service in Denver so to not get people talking about my rags-to-riches drama. Given the situation of my dysfunctional family, you wouldn’t believe the extent of my scams just so I can still live in comfort day after day. My acts run from eating for free by feeding off friends’ groceries to getting drunk out of my wits without paying the tab by making out with the bartender.

With my knack for coming up with strategies to accomplish goals favorable to me, it’s no wonder that most people call me Miss Mojo. I’m all about achieving things even those seemingly unachievable. Given this, I’ve managed to come up with a Little Black Book of getting great deals on the cheap: Live Large, Spend Little.

Queen of Corkage

We’re all aware of the ridiculous prices of alcoholic beverages in bars but not all can come up with ways to get through this pressing problem. Not to be mistaken as part of the unknowledgeable crowd, I’ve devised a surefire plan to get the most out of nights out on the town without spending much. When going out for drinks, why not bring your own? What are huge carry-alls for if you don’t put them to good use? Stock your bulky designer bags with bottles of the cheapest liquor and be your own bartender by mixing drinks up under the table.

Nice Wheels

Way back in the golden days even my Labrador retriever had its own Denver airport car service whenever we fly out of the country. Then there came a time when I rode the ordinary fare bus even when attending special occasions. It wasn’t until I attended my cousin’s grandiose wedding that I realized I still could roll in nice wheels. With everyone busy at the ceremony, I went out to look for the fancy wedding limo from a Denver ground transportation company. I went behind the wheel and was cruising down town in no time. I also did the same thing with a prom limo service in Denver, CO.

Free Bed & Breakfast

Perhaps the easiest trick anyone could have under their sleeves: act impossibly drunk. True friends will always buy this trick, offering to spend the night in their homes all the while thinking you’re in a drunken stupor. What’s a few slurred words, exaggerated tripping on your feet and some bit of self humiliation in exchange for a roof above your head.

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