Forklift Manufacturer To Reorganise Uk Business

There remains a steady appetite among UK companies for both new and used forklifts. However, firms in the sector are having to come up with new strategies in order to remain profitable as a result of the economic problems being seen at present.

This is why Nissan has decided to restructure its operations in the country and create Nissan Forklift GB (NFGB), reports.

The move is part of a global reorganisation of the enterprise and it will see a new business unit established at the Nissan Parts Distribution Centre in Lutterworth, Leicestershire.

According to general manager of the company Derek Robson, this will strengthen the organisation’s market position. He remarked: “Separating the car and the materials handling companies allows NFGB to set up a business dedicated to materials handling.

“Therefore, everyone is focused on this activity. It will keep us close to our customers. It also creates shorter and … quicker decision making channels, allowing us to be more proactive in the marketplace.”

Mr Robson added that the organisation will be maintaining its staff numbers at existing levels, which may come as a relief to personnel.

As a result of the current difficulties in the economy as the country still tries to get back on track following the banking collapse in 2007, many businesses are seeking to rein in their spending. Such pressures have increased as a result of the government’s austerity package. One of the ways some organisations may wish to do this is by investing in used forklifts as opposed to new ones.

By approaching a reliable firm, it is possible to get high-quality forklifts at very reasonable prices in this way. And by making savings like this, companies might find they are more able to cope with financial issues and get through the current slow period.

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