Finding the Right Automotive Shop and Mechanic in Tampa

It took me a while to find just the right automotive shop and mechanic in Tampa. I first had to go through a lot of grief with other auto repair shops. Many of them are unprofessional and unreliable, not quite fulfilling agreements entered into. Repairs are usually not finished on time. Some auto repair shops use substandard car parts, resulting in return jobs that cost me valuable time away from work and other productive endeavors. Even worse, I often found my vehicle stalling in the most inconvenient places even after an expensive auto repair job. That was very frustrating, indeed.

I almost gave up on hoping to find an auto repair shop and mechanic that I could truly rely on in Tampa. I refused to get stuck with shops that offered poor service, though. There had to be a better way. I vented my frustration to a co-worker and, fortunately, he referred me to Guy’s Automotive.

He said he never brought his car anywhere else, whether for a simple auto oil change or for serious engine repair because the technicians there were highly skilled and experienced. They could handle everything from manual to automatic car transmissions, local to foreign cars, economy to luxury cars and even truck repair. He, therefore, made sure that he regularly brought his car for auto inspection and maintenance at Guy’s Automotive. He had so much trust in this automotive shop that I was convinced to give it a try. At that point, I had nothing to lose.

Guy’s Automotive in Tampa

Right off, I found the location of this auto repair shop to be very convenient, being near the downtown area. I decided to ask them for an auto inspection even if I still wasn’t experiencing any actual problems with my car. I thought it would be a good way to size up the shop and its staff.

The technicians were very efficient and friendly, indeed. Not only did they give fast service, they also clearly explained to me in layman’s terms what needed to be given close attention to in maintaining my vehicle. Not being very technically savvy, I greatly appreciated hearing about important details regarding my car in language that I could fully comprehend. I have never experienced such thoroughness from any other mechanic in Tampa. It gave me confidence in handling my vehicle and established my confidence in the auto repair shop, as well.

It turned out that some car parts previously put in my car were, indeed, of inferior quality and, although they were still functioning, were already showing signs that they would soon be needing replacement. The technicians at Guy’s Automotive  taught me how to check on those parts on my own to detect the very first signs of trouble so as not to be caught off guard on the road. They assured me that when needed, they would replace those parts only with top quality AC Delco car parts. Apparently, this auto repair shop uses only AC Delco car parts which they have proven to have the best performance.

True enough, in a few weeks’ time I found the warning signs they had told me about and was able to bring my car to Guy’s Automotive before having to be inconvenienced in the middle of a drive. I was so glad that they had diagnosed my car accurately and had provided me with crucial information and advice. I felt like an empowered car owner actively participating in keeping my vehicle in its best condition. It saved me time, money, effort and a lot of stress. It may have even saved my life.

Guy’s Automotive

3049 W.Hillsborough Ave.
Tampa, FL 33614

Phone: 813 353-1537

Fax: 813 353 1568



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