Extended vehicle warranty insurance: affordable peace of mind

Deciding to purchase a new car is an important one: it’s a big investment so you can’t do it as easily as other purchases, it costs a lot more less than a house but it’s most likely the second largest investment you do in your life.

It’s very important to decide if you want the coverage of extended wehicle warranty insurance or not. Most car owners think that buying it would simply be an additional expense that is not worth, but you should think twice about it and here’s why:When you buy a new vehicle it comes with the original factory warranty that will cover any repairs up to three years or 36000 miles ( conditions may vary depending on make and model).

On the other hand when you purchase a used vehicle you don’t have any warranty (unless the factory warranty is still valid): you should evaluate the purchase of extended vehicle warranty insurance.

Some vehicles might include few weeks/months warranties included in the sticker price you’ll see on the dealers lot, getting an extended warranty from a third party can save you money; it is a wise investment allowing you to live with peace of mind knowing that your vehicle will always be in working condition without the worry of unexpected expenses.

Pros of an extended warranty

A vehicle is a great investment hence it requires some kind of protection.When you get your hands on a new car you don’t have to worry about expensive repairs. When the warranty expires the decision to purchase additional protection is totally up to you, you have to choose whether to take up all the risk on yourself or get the warranty which will take care of all the unexpected expenses for repairs.

An extended warranty may be cheap or expensive, depending on the model of your car and on its working conditions.

Don’t simply go for the cheapest one without reading the contract.Comparatively cheaper warranties might cost you a lot in the way of not-cared-of expenses.

Invest wisely, get an extended warranty insurance plan to protect your vehicle and enjoy the peace of mind it gives you.

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