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Be it the relocation of your home or the shifting of your shop or office to a better place, the task is certainly a hectic and troublesome issue. Every item has to be properly packed, transferred to the new location and unpacked and arranged again. For all these, we look for some agency that can help us with this tedious chore. New York Movers have been a reliable name in this field for a significantly long time.

Before you hire any packing and moving agency, make sure they fulfil some basic and important list of criteria without which you can land yourself into a bit of trouble. Any good moving agency comes with the following features.

A skilled and experienced set of workers
New York Moving Company maintains a well-equipped staff of its own. Every new candidate is given a rigorous training on packing and moving different kinds of items before he is directed to actual field work. The staffs contain a well balanced mix of experienced hands and fresh and energetic lads. They possess special flair in moving delicate items like pianos, grandfather clocks and antique pieces and relocating them in one piece.

Authorisation of the moving company
Dont forget to check the license before you hire a moving agency for your job. A non-licensed agency, though they might charge a bit less, may turn out to be a fraudulent one and may run off with all your goods and keep you repenting over the loss. So while hiring, it is always judicious to hire licensed, and if possible insured agencies. MoverNY is a Department of Transportation licensed and insured agency bearing a valid local and interstate license for moving throughout the premises of New York City.

You have yet another advantage with us. Being a licensed company, we dont quote any unreasonable price to you and you always have the liberty to pay us after the moving has been done satisfactorily.

Self-maintained logistics
While carrying out long distance relocations, what many moving agencies do, is that they outsource the work to other drivers or small contractors whose reliability is again a question mark. Make sure the agency you select has its own logistics system to carry out long distance/interstate East cost moving since unaffiliated contractors often lack the professionalism demanded of in this field and you might end up in some of your valuable items going missing/picked up.
With our agency, we assure you in this regard. Your move will be performed entirely by our own staff and for long distance moves we dedicate 2-3 guys from start to finish with a truck who can readily handle a three day moving turnaround. We even ply our trucks on bio diesel fuel and try to contribute in our own little ways to keep our planet green.

We are proud to proclaim that our company enjoys 97.8% customer satisfaction rating, which is quite an enviable figure in our business. Courtesy goes to our exceptionally customised way of serving each client. You can get all the details of our working process and our contact information at New York Moving Company

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Moverny.com offers cheap New York moving services with a spectrum of facilities specializing in Residential New York moving as well as Commercial New York moving service. For more information please visit: New York Movers

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