Duramax Diesel Performance & Economy

?Duramax Diesel Performance & Economy

The Duramax Diesel trucks are known to be powerful. They are built with heavy duty engines with a lot of power and the famous Allison transmission that all the ford and dodge drivers wish they had. There are still those out there that don’t know that there are ways to boost their power and more importantly, boost their fuel economy significantly. Now is more important than ever that duramax owners learn about these things with the rising fuel prices and demanding jobs for their trucks and in many cases their businesses and livelihood.

The first thing that anyone should do to their duramax to increase fuel economy and power is a tuner or module. With the addition of a tuner or module to the duramax, fuel economy can be increased anywhere from one to five miles per gallon. Most people gain right around three or four miles per gallon. Results do vary though, depending on driving habits and the truck configuration. Another nice feature of a tuner is that the speedometer can be recalibrated for different size tires and the speed limiter can be removed for the weekend track people. The tuners and modules increase engine efficiency by altering and optimizing the fueling parameters. Power and fuel economy increases go together except on the race modules and tuner programs that are made for racing. In those cases the truck is being tuned just for power. Most tuners and modules are available with multiple programs to suit the needs of everyone.

Another popular modification for power and fuel economy increases is the cold air intake. Getting air into the engine is extremely important. If you don’t have enough air getting into the engine, the result is black smoke, which equals fuel and money out the tail pipe. Tuners or modules and air intakes work well together by optimizing the fuel and the air to get the most power and biggest fuel economy increases. The last thing that people do is an upgraded exhaust system. This does a couple of things. It helps keep exhaust gas temperatures down. This is important especially for anyone that has to tow something. You don’t want to melt your engine parts. There are a lot of options for exhaust upgrades. One of the most popular as of late is diesel smoke stacks. They put the exhaust up and away from where it will get all over the trailer. It gives the truck a big rig type look. They also give a bit of a power and fuel economy increase be relieving back pressure. The Diesel smoke stacks can be found in single and dual configurations. The most important thing of any of this is saving dollars with a tough economy.

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