Dongguan Significant Increase In Daily Domestic Industry From Jan To July In 2009

1 July, light beverage manufacturing this one, Dongguan City, total sales of foreign-funded enterprises in China reached 4.8 billion yuan, an increase of 13.78%.

In addition, textile, garment manufacturing industry total sales of 4.06 billion yuan of domestic foreign-funded enterprises, up 47.6%; crafts, and other industries, total sales of 2.93 billion yuan of domestic foreign-funded enterprises, up by 8.78%.

From the municipal foreign trade bureau was informed that a ~ July Dongguan domestic transcripts revealed that in domestic goods category, closely associated with the daily domestic growth in the industry significantly.


July Wan goods sold 13.75 billion yuan

According to latest figures Municipal Bureau of Foreign Trade, 1 July, total sales of domestic foreign-funded enterprises, Dongguan City, 83.85 billion yuan, down 13.8%, a decline of 9.3 percentage points lower than the exports, accounting for 30.0% of the total export in more than end of last year increased 2.7 percentage points.

The data, compared with the first half of the data, thin at best. Statistics show that in the first half, the city’s total sales of 70.1 billion yuan of domestic foreign-invested enterprises, accounting for 30.3% of total exports in more than end of last year increased by 3 percentage points.

However, a ~ July domestic sales performance and a ~ in June somewhat less surprising. Only in June month, the municipal government fought in the domestic market and guide enterprises to put on the outer Fair, Wan goods north and so a series of activities, the domestic market very active, such as the Dongguan Furniture – Wuhan summer trip to marketing activities, on-site contract reached 20.8 billion. Policies to stimulate domestic demand by the parties, in the first half, the city’s total retail sales of social consumer goods increased by 11.1%.


Wan hottest selling commodity products

“In the domestic goods category, closely associated with the daily domestic growth in the industry significantly.” Municipality have pointed out.

However, traditional export of furniture as a commodity, Dongguan, faced with domestic market, nor is it “the emperor no worries about his daughter marry.” Hua Wei Furniture International Group Co., Ltd. Zhang Mo, director of marketing, recently said that the logistics channel to make more smoothly, has plans to Xianghe, Chengdu and Suzhou three logistics bases. Logistics network in order to build accurate radiation domestic market, some enterprises have already made clear, Dongguan furniture planning.

As a pillar industry in Dongguan, the largest electronic information industry is also stepping up the pace of domestic extension. July 29th, Vice Mayor Tang Chi-kwong, the Eleventh China Dongguan International Computer Information Product Expo (hereinafter referred to as “electric Fair”), a press conference, said the highlight of this Expo is a domestic electricity.


Small scale chopper optimistic attitude

Clock dial back two months ago. In the June 19, as the Delta Electronics Power Supply Co., Ltd. imports and exports manager of the land and Taiwan and Taiwan and once in the presence of Vice Minister of Commerce Jiang Zengwei face, listing the domestic market on the road encountered by the “stumbling block”; and yesterday, Lu sets the table on the domestic market has been optimistic and active Jin Xian.

Although foreign aggression have not yet retreated to Taiwan, overseas Chinese-tat and Dongguan City, as represented by foreign-funded enterprises have been on the road in the domestic market they have had some gains, and more tactical.

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