Different uses for Bucket trucks

Though originally designed for use in orchards, bucket trucks, also known as “cherry pickers” are today used in a wide variety of industries. Government agencies, rescue workers and private companies use these trucks on a daily basis for lifting and lowering workers to places too tall for ladders. Common uses include servicing telephone, cable television and electrical equipment on utility poles, mining, construction, exterior painting, and sometimes by tree trimmers to work safely in un-climbable trees. Workers even hang Christmas light displays and banners using bucket trucks. In fact, we see them along roadsides and on construction projects nearly every day.

Bucket trucks make some occupations much safer and easier. Fire trucks and window washers sometimes use bucket trucks as a substitute for ladders, reducing the risks associated with ladders wobbling, slipping and throwing the worker to the ground. Other life saving uses includes implementation in the electrical industry. When working with high voltage power lines, there is always a risk of electrical shock. But when using a cherry picker, the rubber tires can insulate the truck and operator from the ground in case of contact with a high voltage power lines.

Cherry pickers are designed to help make work easier and safer. Bucket trucks are sold in a number of sizes and shapes.  The bucket truck features a storage compartment that is ideal for holding tools and various materials needed by the worker.  For the purpose of stability, some bucket trucks are built with a single or double-arm boom or a hydraulic outrigger jack.  Some trucks are designed with an auxiliary engine that is mounted on the back section of the truck while others are powered by the actual truck engine. <a target=”_blank” href=”http://www.i80equipment.com”>bucket trucks</a>

While bucket trucks are relatively easy to operate and make some jobs much easier, they are to be respected. Cherry pickers are heavy equipment and can be powerful and dangerous under certain circumstances. Using the manufacturer’s instructions and adhering to OSHA standards is vital to work place safety. For example, only qualified operators should use the truck. Controls should be tested every day before putting an employee up in the air. The brakes should be set. Drivers should never move the truck while another employee is still in the bucket. Always remember to communicate with the worker in the bucket before moving the arm.

Therefore, while a cherry picker is an immense time saver, remember to give this truck the respect and care it deserves. It is a powerful machine and safely training is tremendously important. OSHA and bucket truck manufacturers can provide you with excellent videos and text about safety. With proper care and operation the bucket truck is a time saving, convenient tool. Visit http://www.i80equipment.com for more information,.

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