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?Diesel Trucks – What Makes a Good Diesel Truck?
If you head to your local car dealership to look for a diesel truck, you may be
taken aback and even astonished at the multitude of diesel trucks available.
This is due to the fact that car manufacturers are becoming increasingly
competitive and want a bigger share of the diesel truck market and it’s no surprise to see each manufacturer have at least 3 or 4 diesel trucks in
their line-up. This causes potential buyers to ask themselves, “Which is the
better truck?”
In fact, a better question would be, “What makes a good diesel truck?” The word
“good” is very vague and subjective and to decide which diesel truck is better,
certain aspects such as performance, comfort, usability and economy must be
considered. After you decide which feature is more important and which is less
critical, it would be easier to decide which truck is better.
The most influential factor of a truck’s performance is its power plant. Thanks to technology, various types of diesel
engines have been developed, such as common-rail diesel engines, turbo-diesels
and combinations of both. However, only one type of diesel engine is commonly
used nowadays and they are only different in terms of cubic capacity. A higher
cubic capacity would result in a more powerful engine but in order to decide
which engine is most suitable for your needs, you should find the optimum
balance power with fuel economy.
Although you would probably use your diesel truck mainly to transport you and
your cargo from one place to another, you can now do so without compromising
comfort. Features such as cup holders, leather upholstery and armrests can be
added to your truck but this would result in increasing the overall price of
the truck. Nevertheless, as these additions are just options, you can still
choose whether you want to maintain your diesel truck as a functional vehicle
or as a luxurious one.
When you decide to purchase a diesel truck, you must also consider whether you
want a single cab or double cab. This decision will be influenced by how many
people you will usually transport in your truck; if you need to carry more
passengers or your family, go for the double cab. If not, stick to the typical
single cab as the weight of a double cab can greatly affect the truck’s fuel economy and performance.
Another element that needs to be taken account into is the accessibility and
space of the truck’s bed. Although they are generally similar in all trucks, some are compromised
by space intrusions from the back wheels while others come with a smooth
surface that would result in the cargo moving around a lot when the truck is in
motion. Not all trucks support canopies so if you are thinking of fixing one,
make sure that the model you intend to buy supports them.
Essentially, if you’re looking for a good diesel truck, find one that has a decent and versatile
motor and suits your needs. Even though the main purpose of a truck is to be a
practical tool that is capable of carrying you and your cargo, factors that are
usually applicable to cars such as fuel economy and comfort can also be
considered when choosing a good truck.

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