Diesel Fuel Filters

?Diesel Fuel Filters
Diesel fuel filters can help protect your fuel injectors from damaging contaminants. Using a quality diesel fuel filter can just about double the life of your fuel pump and injector. Very good filters will remove the vast majority of particles which can damage your fuel pumps and injectors. It is a good idea to make the investment in top notch diesel fuel filters. It will save you money and trouble in the long run. Filters help to protect your vehicle’s fuel injectors and pumps.
Many vehicles that use diesel fuel find that fuel filters which are inconsistent can become troublesome. The longevity of a fuel filter will be influenced by the oxidative and thermal stability of the fuel that is being used and filtered. Some diesel fuels will create a substance that is similar to tar when it gets heated up. This type of fuel will plug up the filters more easily then fuels which don’t produce such substances.
Additives have been used for a long time to help keep the fuel system clean and to increase fuel stability. Fuel additives can help filters last longer by helping to keep the fuel clean. Studies have shown that the use of additives significantly increase the life of diesel fuel filters.
When choosing a fuel filter, it is important to know what its’ capacity is. Capacity is how much a particular filter can retain at a rated flow and its’ given restriction point. It is measured in grams.
A primary fuel filter protects the transfer pump. It also helps to lightens the load of a secondary fuel filter when needed. It is placed on the suction side of the fuel pump. Most primary fuel diesel filters come with a nominal rating of ten to thirty microns.
Secondary fuel filters are placed between the injectors and the transfer pump. They help to protect the fuel injectors. Secondary filters have to handle more pressure then primary filters. They typically have ratings of two to ten microns.
Diesel fuel filters help to protect the diesel engine’s injectors and pumps. They have a very important job to do, so it is vital that diesel engine owners pick quality diesel fuel filters. This is a place to skimp on. Spending money well here will help you protect your larger investment, which is your engine. One noted problem with fuel filters is that has been hard to predict how long they will last.
One way to increase the life of a diesel fuel filter is to use an additive. Additives help to keep the fuel cleaner which makes the job of diesel fuel filters much easier. Because the fuel is cleaner, the filters do not have to filter so much gunk, which increases their longevity. All vehicles should come with filters. However, when it is time to get them replaced, make sure that you choose a good filter. They only require a small investment, they are not expensive. However, they can make a world of difference for your vehicle.

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