Diesel Chips – How Much Money Can They Save You

?Diesel Chips – How Much Money Can They Save You?

Diesel Chips have been around for a long time. Mostly to add power to a diesel truck. Men would go out and get their diesel trucks “”chipped”” in order to get more power or speed out of a diesel engines. But lets talk about why a diesel chip can actually save you money. A diesel chip can save you money in three areas RPM’s, Fuel Injection, and Shift points.

RPM’s are the Revolutions Per Minute in an engine. The more revolutions, the more work you engine is doing and the more gas it burns. A diesel chip can be programed to lower the top speed or acceleration for a diesel truck. By changing the acceleration and top speed then your every day RPM height will drop. This will give you better fuel economy.

A diesel chip can also save you money by changing the amount of fuel that is being injected with every pump of a piston. If you decrease the amount of fuel that that you engine uses with every explosion ten you in will get better gas economy. And if you decided that you would like to switch back to a more powerful setting at any time a chip can be easy configured to return to its original setting. So you can save money when you want to and spend it when you want to.

Last, a diesel chip can be programmed to change the shifting point of an engine. This will allow for shifting at the best point for fuel economy instead of for power. So if you have a diesel truck and you want to save a little bit of money, invest in a diesel chip so you can save money when you don’t need all the power of a diesel truck. Don’t worry you can turn the power back on at any time, just in case you do need all that power to pull something.

If can add even 5 miles per gallon to your fuel economy on your diesel truck then you can save 25×5 miles per gas tank you use. That’s 125 miles that you drove extra on each tank of gas. Do the math, a diesel chip can be a good investment and not just a toy for a diesel truck.

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