Custom Dually Wheels

?Custom Dually Wheels

One of the largest full size pickups on the market today feature two wheels and tires on each side of the rear axle. These large trucks are referred to as a “”dually”” and were made for hauling and towing heavy loads. They are often equipped with large V8’s, V10’s or Diesel engines. In the past few years, diesel performance has become an enormously popular.

Typical accessories found on dually pick up trucks are grille guards, nerf bars, headache racks, bed rails, mud flaps and large custom wheels. Turn your Chevy, Ford or Dodge dually diesel into a beast with custom wheels from Alcoa. The same company that gave us Alcoa aluminum also make popular custom dually wheels.

Alcoa custom dually wheels are your best choice. They make one piece forged aluminum wheels that are easy to keep their shine. When choosing Alcoa dually rims you will get the smoothest ride, better handling and one of the longest lasting wheel made.

Chevy lovers can choose a model 160251 LTS 5 spoke 8 bolt for the front or a model 161292 Hot Shot 8 bolt for the rear. If you have a Ford dually choose a 160291 “”Classic 8″” 8 bolt and Dodge owners can also find these same wheels for their dually trucks.

Why Alcoa Dually Wheels? Alcoa invented the aluminum wheel in 1948 and for more than 50 years have been the leader in aftermarket custom dually wheels. Now dually diesel owners can become some of the most tricked-out happy trucker’s in the world.

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