Custom Dually Truck Accessories – Air Flow Tailgate

?Custom Dually Truck Accessories – Air Flow Tailgate

When I was a kid I remember sticking my hand out of an opened window of my Dad’s old pickup truck as we were going down the road. I would lay my hand flat and point in the direction we were going and wave it up and down. I’m sure you did the same thing at some point in your life. I would also hold my hand pointing upward and feel the force of the air hitting my hand. Depending on how fast we were going it was very hard to hold it upright.

Your Chevy dually, Dodge dually, Ford dually or GMC dually also plays with the wind. All that air flowing over the hood and cab hits your tailgate and robs your dually truck of power and fuel. With the price of gas and diesel today, certainly you would like to save a little money.

There is a product that will help your dually truck with the drag caused by your tailgate. Discover the extra convenience, improved gas mileage and awesome looks of an Air Flow Tailgate. Most Air Flow Tailgates are custom made for your specific year, make and model dually truck. They will work just as well on regular cab, extended cab and crew cab pickup trucks

There are two basic types of Air Flow Tailgates available on the market today, a straight gate and a V-gate. Priced at approximately $300.00 a black painted straight is the best buy. However, if you prefer a more custom look choose a chrome Air Flow Tailgate. You will have to come up with another hundred bucks for a chrome Air Flow Tailgate. Although, for the added durability it’s worth it. If you pull a fifth wheel trailer or camper then you will want to purchase a V-gate Air Flow Tailgate. The cost of a V-gate tailgate is about the same as a straight gate. Some manufacturers offer a stainless Air Flow Tailgate for super durability, cost is about $600.00. Most custom Air Flow Tailgates can be mounted in less than an hour with only standard tools.

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