Cost Dilemma To Postpone By One Year Light-duty Diesel Truck Country, Three – Light-duty Diesel

Implementation of the Issues ", in which the second is: According to the China Automobile Industry Association and the enterprise application, the decision by the authorities, from July 1, 2008, all in Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities as well as motor car sales polluted cities and registration of the N type light diesel vehicles must meet the country, three standards, the rest of the N class diesel light vehicles sales and registration will be a transition year.

Environmental costs should be government, business and consumers share the
Formally issued a document in the Department of Environmental Protection before the reader constantly call the China Industry News reporter, asking 3.5t diesel light vehicles sales and registration of whether there would be a transitional period of six months, while the reporter learned is that two completely the opposite view. Some argue that since the July 1 implementation of the country, three standards are well established principle, both by the end of June, and the ministry has no new argument, the emission standard upgrade seems to be "across the board"; another way light duty diesel vehicles, the difficulties of implementation of country, three standards is obvious, will be twice as old as delay the implementation of the upgrade process emissions.

Now, all of the claims are provided with the official introduction of the Environmental Protection Department of the dust has settled. For manufacturers, the light-duty diesel trucks were the standard three-year grace period the country, both in reason, then the unexpected. That in reason, is because people in the industry about the implementation of light duty diesel vehicles difficult country, three standards process; said in surprise, because after the strict implementation of the State Environmental Protection Department of the three standards is adamant.

Why the country, three light-duty diesel truck standards are difficult to implement this technology upgrade from the perspective of interpretation. Experts said the two countries from meeting the standard engine to meet the country, three standards are a qualitative change because the country, three standards are below the engine mechanical engine, the second upgrading from country to country, three to go before the electronically controlled fuel injection.

Specifically, the three countries to achieve emission standards to meet international routes, there are several techniques: first, high-pressure common rail electronic control +, 2 + is the electronic control unit pump, electronic control + c is the pump nozzle. It is reported that high-pressure common rail electronic control system assembly, the engine of the total cost increase of 1 million yuan. + Single pump with electronic control technology and electronic control + pump nozzle technology, engine costs also 5000 ~ 6000.

Country, three products higher prices, will affect the purchasing power of low-end users. In all models, the light diesel vehicles the most significant increase in costs, the purchase of low-end products and the limited economic capacity of rural users, implementation of national unity is no doubt the three had a significant impact on them.

Deputy Secretary General of China Internal Combustion Engine Industrial Association, told the China Industry News WEI force reporters: "relevant to the industry to stay out of year preparation period, light diesel vehicles from the current situation of development of the industry decision reflects the scientific concept of development meet the industry's industrial cycle. "

The same time, WEI force that is necessary to achieve emissions of the application of new technology upgrade, this middle of the Cost and Who should pay? From the International Development Law, in most countries is taking the Government to foot the bill, companies tapping the potential, consumers bear part of the road, but now the situation is that the Government did not provide preferential support policies, and consumers is a cent unwilling to dig, all the burden of pressure in diesel engines and related vehicles on the shoulders of enterprises, it is unreasonable.

Grace period is also a warning of
Jiangsu Lake Pump Co., Ltd. President and CEO Huang Aiyuan that N class diesel light vehicles in most areas of sales and registration to one year after the transition, told the China Industry News reporters; "I am very happy This allows changes in the market to respond more calmly, and if the 'cut' is really too much for some. "

However, the transition goal is to upgrade, Andrew West has maintained that: "in the transitional period, as it is warning of.

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