Convert Your Car to Run on Water – Installing an HHO Gas Kit Increases Car Fuel Economy

?Convert Your Car to Run on Water – Installing an HHO Gas Kit Increases Car Fuel Economy

Installing an HHO gas kit to convert your car to run on water can increase car fuel economy on average anywhere from 15-40%. Such car fuel economy percentages could transform to saving 1000s of dollars in gas across the lifespan of your car. Some people will argue that you could just simply purchase a hybrid automobile in order to save on rising fuel prices but the reality is, these vehicles are not cost-efficient enough for the average consumer to buy. Which leaves alternatives like converting your car to run on water as viable solutions.

An HHO gas kit or water fuel cell as they are commonly called is actually not a new idea. This technology has been around for a long time. In fact there are several patents that describe this applied science and how it can be used to supplement water for gas. Many new breakthroughs have been met with the opposition or ridicule until they actually become part of our every day routines. This is very quickly becoming the case with the HHO gas car kit or water fuel cell. When you make take on a project like this one to convert your car to run on water a common misconception is that the vehicle will actually run on water.

The HHO gas kit again referred to as a water fuel cell car kit is made possible through the process of electrolysis. As a matter of fact what you’re in reality doing is separating in a sense the hydrogen ingredient in the water and it’s this element that gets injected into your intake manifold of your vehicle. The size of a water fuel cell is about the size of a quart jar and it’s not unusual for people to employ more then one of these when they build one. What a lot people do whenever they have larger engines like 8 cylinder engines is make a couple of water fuel cells in order to maximize car fuel economy. Even on smaller automobiles it is suggested in order to get the best car fuel economy to use more then one fuel cell. This allows for you to get the best fuel savings possible. It’s astonishing at how much energy H2O can store because on average the water fuel cell only requires to be topped up approximately once a month or so.

A lot people who want to make a water fuel cell typically land up buying a ready made HHO gas car kit. The problem however with doing this is generally these kits are very pricey and do not come with any support to assist the person with the installation. In most cases the best alternative is to buy a manual or guide with plans, instructions and pictures to aid you with your HHO gas conversion. Why this is preferred over purchasing a ready made kit is most of the items to make a water fuel cell can be readily obtained at your local hardware store. I don’t know about you but why buy a costly conversion kit, when the parts can be acquired for a lot less. The other benefit to buying a do-it yourself manual is of course the instructions that help you with the actual conversion.

There is of course a downside to the do-it yourself manual. Most guides found online are not always clear and concise. This is why I highly recommend when considering buying a homemade HHO gas kit manual online that it meets these criteria.

1. The manual be clear and concise with detailed descriptions of how to exactly make a water fuel cell. Not that making one is difficult, but it is more complex then simply saying, attach this hose here and that hose there. With a clear concise manual you can assure yourself a successful conversion over to water for gas.

2. The manual should come with a complete support system. There is nothing more frustrating then getting stuck at a crucial juncture. The better water for gas programs out there should have a customer support system that can help you right through the hydrogen conversion.

The advantages of constructing your own water for gas kit is two fold. One, it obviously saves you money. Both buying a ready made HHO gas kit and from rising fuel costs. Plus if a part breaks and needs to be replaced you can do it yourself. Most people report that they can make their own HHO gas kit for under $100 dollars. Now that is what I call cheap. They can be used on cars, trucks gas or diesel engines. If for any reason you wish to remove the water for gas system it can be un-installed in several minutes without ever leaving a trace that you converted your car to run on water.

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