Components Of A Forklift

Forklifts are an integral part of construction business. They are used for material handling as well as product handling of all kinds. Forklifts are very useful in moving materials and products on a large scale and thereby eliminate the need of manpower.

A forklift is basically an industrial truck that finds their importance in manufacturing and warehousing operations. There are several types of designs that forklifts offer, like, hand pallet truck, walkie low lift truck, rider low lift truck, towing tractor, sideloader, Articulated counterbalance trucks, and many more.

A typical forklift truck comprises of several components. The major components have been explained as follows:

Truck frame – IT is the base of a forklift that connects all the other components of the truck, like axles, mast, overhead guard, counterweight, wheels and power source. This frame may be equipped with hydraulic fluid tanks as a part of the whole assembly.

Cab – It is the space that comprises of a seat for the forklift operator and also the steering wheel, levers, a dashboard, switches and control pedals. This area may be enclosed or open but is always covered by a cage-like assembly.

Overhead guard – It is actually a metal roof that is supported by posts at each corner of the cab. It helps to protect the operator from any suspended objects at the construction site.

Power source – This part usually comprises of an internal combustion engine that runs on CNG gas, diesel fuel, gasoline or LP gas. In case of electric forklifts, batteries are used to power the electric motors.

Mast – It is a vertical arrangement that is responsible to raise or lower a load. It is generally made up of interlocking rails that provide cross stability. The mast of a forklift is usually operated by one or several hydraulic cylinders.

Carriage – It is a significant component that holds the forks or attachments. It navigates up and down the mast tracks with the help of chains or hydraulic cylinder. a carriage may be equipped with bushings or rollers to guide it to the interlocking rails.

Attachments – These are usually the fork-like ends that engage a load. These may also include slipsheet attachments, multipurpose clamps, fork positioners, carpet poles, carton clamps, sideshifters, and roll clamps.

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