Commercial Pressure Washer The Ideal Machine For Residential Builders

Construction sites of all shapes and sizes are filled with dirt, dust, and other deposits that can detract from the final product. Particularly, in the case of the residential building, construction companies must turn over the home in pristine condition. To do so requires more than a bit of detergent. Residential builders require a commercial pressure washer to get the job done right.
Post construction clean-up, regardless of the dwelling constructed, is no easy task. As mentioned previously, dirt, dust, grease, grime, and other residues that make their way onto the finished product must be removed. To do so, a powerful commercial pressure washer is the ideal tool. These machines combine powerful features with advanced technologies to quickly complete virtually any cleaning task faced during post-construction cleaning. Let’s take a look at some of the specifications required for these applications.
Commercial Pressure Washer Specs for Post-Construction Cleaning
The first option to choose is the power method. Commercial pressure washer machines come in electric, gasoline, propane, and diesel powered configurations. Electric pressure cleaners require use in proximity to an electrical supply. If electricity is running at the time of post-construction cleaning, these are the best machines for the job. They are clean burning and offer more readily accessible energy by simply plugging the machine into an electrical plug point.
However, in many cases, a construction company’s job is complete before the electrician is on the job. This means that no source of electricity will be available, making an electric pressure washer an inconvenient option. In these cases, opt for gasoline, propane, or diesel powered commercial pressure washer systems. While these machines do generate exhaust during operation, post-construction cleaning is an exterior process, thus fumes emitted will not harm the user.
Temperature levels must also be considered. Post-construction clean-up can be tackled with cold water pressure washing machines. These systems, however, lack the additional cleaning power afforded by heat. As such, many builders opt for hot water or wet steam pressure washing equipment. For maximum versatility, select tri-mode pressure washing equipment. These flexible machines enable the use of cold water, hot water, or wet steam depending on the degree of the application at hand.
Pressure levels and flow rates are yet another key consideration. Higher pressure levels and flow rates offer greater cleaning power, though it is important that the surfaces being cleaned can withstand such power.
Lastly, always look at the mobility options available. Truck mounted pressure washers offer the greatest mobility for post-construction cleanup, since the high powered, heavy machinery can easily be transported by moving the truck or trailer. This requires less man power for moving the system, while still offering enhanced portability. In addition, with top truck mounted pressure washers, operators can utilize up to 300 feet of pressure hose without losing any cleaning power. This means that the operator can place the truck in the driveway and reach applications around the entire completed home.
To learn more about the pressure washing machines like electric pressure washers, truck mounted pressure washers and many other for post-construction cleanup of residential build sites, contact a reputable supplier today.

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