Choosing a Custom Exhaust System for Your Full Size Dodge, Chevy or Ford Truck1

?Choosing a Custom Exhaust System for Your Full Size Dodge, Chevy or Ford Truck

Let’s face it adding a custom exhaust to your truck not only gives your truck a nice sound but also improves performance and gas mileage. However a brand that sounds great on one truck may not sound as good on another. Today we are going to look at the big 3 full size trucks with some pointers on choosing a custom exhaust for each.

Ford will be the first truck we will look at today starting with the � ton F-150. The F-150 top pick will be the Flowmaster system. The Flowmaster cat back exhaust tends to give the F-150 the best send with either the 4.6 or the 5.4 liter motor. The next pick would be Magnaflow. Now for a Superduty the same 2 exhausts seem to be the best pick for the 5.4. On the larger motors stick with the Magnaflow to maintain the deep sound. If your budget does not allow for either of these exhaust systems then a Gibson system will still give a nice sound. If you own a diesel then check out the Banks systems.

Chevy is our next truck to look at. Unlike the Ford Chevy trucks do not sound as good with the Flowmaster. The best pick for the Chevy (both � and � ton) is by far the Borla cat back exhaust system. Borla is kind of pricey but really makes a Chevy sound great. One characteristic of a Borla system is at idle it is hard to tell that you have a custom system; however once you hit the gas and open it up the sound is unbelievable. Much research is put into Borla and the exhaust system seems to be the perfect match for a Chevy truck. If you cannot afford a Borla system then the next bet would be Flowtech followed by Gibson. If you own a diesel truck then check out Banks.

Dodge is our final truck to talk about. A Dodge seems to do well with a Flowmaster system, however most systems do sound good on a Dodge. Our research has shown that none of the exhaust systems really stand out as a definite leader when it comes to a Dodge truck so for that matter the sky is the limit and your best bet is to get to the various manufacturers sites and listen to sound bites to find the sound you like. Again for a diesel truck I would check out Banks.

So there you have it. This has been our experience with different people running different trucks and what their experience has been. This also comes from the talk coming from a variety of truck shows across the country. Your best bet is to go with what you feel comfortable with and keep in mind any system is going to improve your trucks sound and performance and really wake your truck up.

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