Check Engine Light On Dodge Diesel – Can You Fix It

?Check Engine Light On Dodge Diesel – Can You Fix It?

When your check engine light on Dodge diesel truck is flashing, it is a good indication that your engine computer is warning you that either your diesel emission system is failing or one of its sensors is defective. The best way to confirm if you have a fault code is to reset it by disconnecting the battery cable terminals or locating the computer fuse and unplug it for a minute or two. If the check engine light on Dodge diesel returns, it means a system failure is indeed established and it must be retrieved. You can either buy a code scanner to do this or go to the nearest parts store so they scan the code free for you.

Before scanning for engine fault codes, make sure the following are done:

Air and fuel filter replaced

Regular oil change completed

All the intake and exhaust valves adjusted (specially if the engine has too many miles)

Battery cables cleaned and tight including all the visible ground wires. (This also assumes that the battery itself is fully charged and in good condition).

All fluid levels topped up (a low coolant level can indicate an external leak caused by defective water pump).

Basic diesel engine testing before repairing check engine light codes

Sometimes, even if your Dodge engine has a fault code, some basic repairs must be done first before troubleshooting the code. Failure to do this can lead to problems diagnosing the real cause of the code. Doing a visual inspection can also help you find basic problems like (1) Does it smoke ‘black”” all the time at the tail pipe? (This indicates bad fuel system like injectors)(2).Does it smoke blue at the tailpipe? (This is an indicator of a worn or tired engine). (3) Are all the glow plugs working properly? (Check for operation and compare each resistance).

Sometimes, doing the above checks can save you a lot of time and frustrations usually if the codes or check engine light disappears after doing the basic repairs. Besides, these are common repairs most garages will do and charged you for it before repairing the Dodge fault code.

Repair strategies after getting the check engine light on Dodge diesel

Once you get the fault code and basic repairs done, it is a matter of getting the proper instruction or service manual to verify the sensor or circuit you are checking. A good wiring diagram becomes handy when doing this task. It looks very challenging at first but as soon you treat each sensor or circuit individually, everything will fall into place.

Should you need more assistance in doing this, there are lots of automotive online assistance available willing to help you for paid membership. Some of them will not even charge you if the code is not fixed or carries 90 day guaranty. With all these resources, there is no need to bring your Dodge diesel truck to any garage if you have a check engine light problem.

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