Can Water Be Used As a Fuel For Cars

?Can Water Be Used As a Fuel For Cars?

Can water be used as a fuel for cars? Well, yes and no. Yes because it is possible to use water to power car engine. No because water cannot fully replace gasoline/diesel yet. The system we are talking about here is one that uses water as a supplement to gasoline so as to help vehicles achieve greater mileage with the same amount of fuel, thus saving money and helping the environment at the same time.

So how exactly can water be used as a fuel for cars?

The system was developed based on old forgotten US Patents that use water to generate HHO. It produces HHO, also known as Brown gas, which is then used to power the engine. HHO burns cleanly and produces water and oxygen which are environmentally friendly. Thus, the engine is powered by both the gasoline and HHO. The result is a much efficient use of fuel and a full tank can now get your vehicle moving for longer distances.

So the question of can water be used as a fuel for cars is answered. Now let’s look at some other tangible and non-tangible benefits of the system.

Thousand of drivers who use this system testified to increased mileage of between 30 to 80% depending on model and condition of vehicle. This alone greatly helps them save hundreds of dollars per month in the mist of ever rising oil price.

As the amount of gasoline/diesel consumed per kilometer is reduced, it greatly reduces the amount of harmful chemicals released into the atmosphere. Drivers will also notice a drop in the engine operating temperature which in a bigger picture, helps combat the effects of greenhouse gases on global warming. This is a non-tangible benefit for drivers wanting to make a tangible contribution to the environment.

Can water be used as a fuel for cars and yet maintain the same engine power?

The system will result in cleaner engine, longer lasting parts as well as a boost in power because HHO produces 3 times more energy than gasoline.

The system can be used by both cars and trucks and can be easily dismantled and re-attached. There is no need to tear your engine apart so warranty remains intact.

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