Bucket Trucks in Canada – A Different Industry

?Bucket Trucks in Canada – A Different Industry

Thinking about picking up some jobs with your bucket truck in Canada? Canada is a land of extremes. In the Winter, it can be one of the coldest places on Earth. In the Summer, it can get as hot as anywhere. The Canadian Rocky Mountains are a treacherous landscape. Long story short, Canada is a rough environment. For those who operate a bucket truck in Canada, you know that just any lift truck from the U.S. won’t due.

So, you may be asking, what exactly is different between aerial lift trucks in Canada and bucket trucks in the U.S.? The first and most obvious difference is the fuel system. Utility truck operators prefer Gas engines to Diesel during cold weather because of the increased viscosity of the fuel… resulting in engine troubles and sludge. Working in the Canadian Rockies, you need a reliable truck that won’t lock up the brakes or break down. In the Winter, if you are unprepared, you can easily die if your equipment stops working and you are unprepared.

The vegetation in Canada poses and interesting task. In Vancouver, B.C., the tall pine trees require routine maintenance and are not all that different from Washington state. The big difference is the terrain in Vancouver tends to be more mountainous and can pose problems for stability. The West Coast of Canada is much like a rain forest and gets frequent precipitation. B.C. and Toronto are known for their frequent rain. Soggy ground or mud can make stabilizing a utility truck much harder than normal.

Canada is mostly plains which means it tends to have high winds. If you’ve ever worked in a cherry picker at high winds, you know how unsafe and unsettling it is. If you are working in a lift truck in high winds on the Canadian plains, you need to have very strong outriggers. Outriggers are the steel beams that are lowered to help stabilize the truck and keep it from tipping over.

To sum it up, it is recommended that if you work in an aerial lift truck in Canada, you pay very close attention to the maintenance and overall performance of your truck. There are many more variables to working in the Canadian Tundra than other places in the world, you need to be well equipped and cautious. Bucket trucks in Canada must be high quality and reliable if not, it could be very dangerous… possibly deadly.

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