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How to find cheap transport in the times of economic crisis??

Nowadays everybody has got a need to transport something from one place to another as cheap and as quickly as possible. Truckers and haulage drivers have a tough choice sometimes. But there is a solution for all shipping companies. By this I mean Internet Freight Exchange.

In traditional haulage and freight transportation a driver gets a load, and takes it from point A to point B – for example from London to Berlin. The shipping company gets paid, the oderer gets the delivery. Seems simple and profitable. But when the driver gets back after the delivery, the vehicle is empty and the journey is a waste of time and money.
And this is where Trans Freight Exchange comes in.

Trans European Freight Exchangeis an internet platform of free loads and vehicles information exchange . It is intended for transport and freight forwarding companies which can contact their customers and receive new orders. Trans is also excellent solution for manufacturing and trading companies  looking for transport . The exchange allows companies to reduce their transport costs. Trans exchange is integrated with a business instant messenger that allows companies to talk to business partners free.

Go to and check it out for 30 days for free.

Stocks of vehicles and cargo TRANS offers its users a unique opportunity and facilitate the organization of work, carrying out transport operations, reduce costs, raise orders and domestic and international transport.
Transport companies (carriers):

* constant source of new and interesting jobs freight,
* return cargoes from all over Europe,
* Security – Review the risk of payments outsourcing firm loads,
* recovery support – the list of debtors with the transport and freight forwarding industry.

Forwarding and logistics companies:

* necessary tool for everyday work for thousands of shippers in the global freight forwarding,
* very large to facilitate and accelerate the work,
* source of many new orders, contacts, and interesting clients,
* Instant search of free, proven carriers.

Manufacturing and trade:

* reduction in transport costs,
* access to cheaper and good transport companies,
* access to return loads trucks for business,
* facilitate and accelerate the great work in the field of logistics.

I am working in spedition, trying to help with finding cheaper transport between european countries.

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