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Most of us take for granted the ability to travel with relative ease. We simply walk out and get into the car to go to the store, visit friends or go on vacation. Air travel, which was once reserved for the wealthy and famous, is now available to almost everyone. We can now venture farther than we ever thought possible in only a few hours or days. It’s hard to imagine that just 100 years ago the idea of a trip to California or Europe was unimaginable for most, and those who were lucky enough to travel such great distances would have to travel for weeks just to reach their destination.

In the 19th century anyone who aspired to becoming a member of ‘society’ wanted a carriage. Carriages carried people, while carts and drays were mostly used to carry goods and, sometimes, servants or the lower classes. The Prime Minister, William Pitt the Younger, placed a tax on horses and carriages because they were regarded as the means of transportation used by the wealthy.There were many different types of carriages, ranging from simple gigs and curricles mostly used in the country to the flasher broughams and barouches, popular in cities and towns.

Here are some well-known carriages
Curricles,Barouche,Landau,Victoria &Phaeton

Collectively over 22 years experience in the Transportation and Logistics business, provide solutions best suited to customer’s requirement, with promptness and efficiency. Whether it is movement of man or goods, we offer great mobility in all our dimensions with safety, economy, comfort and promptness.  We carry all type of sophisticated Items, which require high density of care. So no matter how much it difficult, we can make it possible for the customer.   Our Integrated Logistics Services include Transportation & Distribution, Warehouse Management, Inventory Management and other Value Added Services like, Goods insurance facility, Crane service, packing service, man power, Radio Taxi service any where in India and Cargo service from the any point of India to the point of destination by using Air, Rail, Road routes or combination for all types of cargo, besides Project Logistics for transportation of industrial projects involving over sized goods/odd dimension cargo for industry sectors viz., We provide end-to-end logistic solutions to our customers through our alliance partners, who have a fleet of 160 vehicles and network of 21 offices located at all the metros and all important business cities in India.

India’s leading Suraksheet Relocation Services (India) providing complete listing of renowned Transportation Services Providers offering services including-Trucking services, Full Truck Load, Half or Partial Truck Load Services, Truck Booking , Multi-Modal Transportation Warehouse facility, Packing, Radio taxi, Goods insurance facility, Crane service, Manpower.
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