Best MPG Car You Can Buy – Double Your Car’s Miles Per Gallon

?Best MPG Car You Can Buy – Double Your Car’s Miles Per Gallon

With gas being so expensive, many new ultra fuel efficient hybrids are hitting the market. What car makers don’t tell you is that you can use new technology to make your older car extremely fuel efficient. You don’t have to go spend $25,000 on a new Toyota Prius to get 48 mpg. The best mpg car you can buy might not cost you anything near that much! With new HHO conversion kits, its very easy and affordable to get amazing miles per gallon on the car you drive right now. See the link below for information on conversion kits.

What is HHO technology?

HHO technology is a cutting edge development that allows you to blend hydrogen with your gasoline to increase gas mileage. Mpg can be doubled! Conversion kits are available that are simple to install and they only require water! You don’t have to buy expensive, hard to find hydrogen. Water is a natural source and can be extracted easily.

So how does it work?

It works by a process known as electrolysis. HHO equipment uses water to extract hydrogen atoms. Water molecules are made with two hydrogen atoms. These atoms are pure hydrogen gas and can be burned with gasoline in your engine. Once blended, the new fuel known as Brown’s gas is much more robust than the gas your normally use. The extra power output means better performance from your engine. This means better gas mileage and less money leaving your wallet!

Does this work with my car?

Any car that burns unleaded gasoline or diesel fuel can be converted. That includes hybrids, trucks, suvs, compacts… anything! The best mpg car you can buy is sitting in your driveway right now awaiting a conversion. The process is very affordable and easy to do in your own garage. Once completed, you just add water and let it work! The link below has more information on the best conversion kits.

This technology is the future for Americans or anyone suffering from high gas prices. Hybrid car technology simply isn’t affordable for most people, and it won’t be for a long time. In the mean time, HHO conversions will solve the gas problem for the average American.

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