Auto Transport to and from California

California, one of the popular states of United States resides on the west coast along the Pacific Ocean. The state yields the fame of constituting the four largest cities in the state Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose and San Francisco. The state has varied climate and diverse population. The well-known rivers in California are Sacramento River, San Joaquin River which drains the central valley and flow through San Francisco bay.

The interesting adventures places favored by tourist are antelope valley California poppy reserve, Sutter buttes park property, Humboldt redwoods, Calaveras big trees, point Cabrillo light station, Fort Ross, hungry valley and mono lake tufa. The most popular recreational California tourist attractions are Disneyland in Anaheim, sea world on the coast near San Diego, the motion picture studios of southern California, Chinatown in San Francisco Santa Barbara mission referred “the queen of the missions”

The capital city of California is Sacramento with the largest city and largest metro area Los Angeles and greater Los Angeles. The state ranks among the ten largest economies in the world and it becomes the center of entertainment industry and large tourism sector in the state.

The California department of education enhances leadership qualification among students and provides assistance that meets the world class standard of education. The climatic condition of the state varies from Mediterranean to subarctic. Mostly, the climate remains to be cool, rainy winters and dry summers. California is the richest and diverse part of the world inclusive of most endangered ecological communities. People who are looking for auto transport to and from California can avail the best transportation in the world.

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