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? An Overview of Children’s Charities That Benefit From Used Vehicle Donation

Despite recent rulings that have changed the way deductions from used vehicle donation are valued, there are still any worthwhile charities that can still use either your vehicle or the cash it can be sold for. Many of these charities focus on the needs of children and their families.

For instance, one type of children’s charity that benefits from used car donation are those that serve children with medical conditions. This can be anything form cancer, to blindness to end of life care. Organizations such as the Make a Wish Foundation and the National Children’s Cancer Society are able to use the cars donated to go about their work or sell them for the money that can then be donated as cash support, necessary medical equipment or prescriptions.

Sometimes a used vehicle donation is used in the case of Children’s medical charities as a way for a disadvantaged child’s parents to reliably get them to a variety of medical appointments. Cars that are used directly have the advantage of being able to be deducted at their fair market value rather than the sale price of such a vehicle sold at wholesale auction.

Since medical charities are often cash-strapped (rather than lacking for volunteers), you will find that a great many of the ads for used vehicle donation representing these types of charities. Such a fast and high turnover of vehicles, dealt through third-party agents are common when these types of charities utilize used car donation. Partly this is due to it being hard not to feel moved to do something while looking at a kid in a wheelchair, but also, because the need is very great.

Indeed, it’s not just a few families that have been cast into poverty because of a single childhood illness in the United States. Other countries, of course, don’t have quite such problems thanks to universal medical coverage for all citizens. Unless that happens very soon, the problem seems here to stay. An entire industry of old car parts and scrap metal has arisen from this lapse in the social contract, in an apparently perfect example of privatization of such usually governmental obligations.

Another type of charity that can benefit from used vehicle donation include those that serve “at-risk” youth. Charitable non-profit organizations (NPOs) like the United Way function to keep children off “the streets” where they might be tempted into a life of crime. Many of their programs addresses issues of education, as well as after school programs and self-esteem building projects.

Since their inception in the 1960s, such charities tend to focus on urban areas and as such, are generally less in need of automobiles for direct use. However, because the needs of the programs are highest in suitable volunteer labour department, a used vehicle donation has the advantage of going a long way with such missions.

A business that regularly employs used vehicle donation to turn over a fleet of vehicles (such a taxi or courier services) could even set up a college fund though one of these organizations. Though many of these charities suffer from the fate of such youngsters as being more of a choice than children stuck in wheelchairs, so donations can severely lag in these organizations from year to year.

Some charities that serve a religious mission also serve children. The Salvation Army, for instance, has a religious base though it often serves very needy children though helping them and their parents find lodging for the night or with donations of clothing or furniture. Some charitable organizations serve the children of a given congregation alone.

Religious organizations do not typically solicit automotive donations with quite the same vigour as do charities that serve special needs children who are suffering from developmental disabilities or birth defects, though there certainly are exceptions.

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Auto Diesel/47_used vehicle donation.txt

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