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? How to Donate a Car in Minnesota Without a Current Title

Most charities will not accept a car for donation that does not have a free and clear title. However, if you really want to donate a car in Minnesota, you can request a replacement title.

Of course, this will cost you. In total, before stamps or bus fare to go down and get them, getting a replacement title to donate a car in Minnesota will cost you about 20 minutes in figuring out the form and as much as $9. This includes both the filing and title fee.

In addition to this, you’ll have to wait awhile. It can take as long as six weeks to get a replacement title in the mail, though you can put a rush on the process by paying a few extra dollars. You’ll still need that title, though, before you can set about on getting that old car hauled away.

One of the advantages the duplicate title process is that you aren’t responsible for the bother and expense of getting current tabs. Indeed, you don’t even need a licence plate. It is, in fact, recommended that you take the licence plates off your car before you call the tow truck to come.

When the charity themselves or their third party agents come to haul your car (running or not) away when you donate your car, in Minnesota, you don’t even have to be there. You can just leave the doors open, everything emptied out except for the keys and signed title in the glove box. Of course, in most circumstances you’ll simply be there with those items to give to the driver and sign the title away.

According to state law and federal regulation, when you donate a car in Minnesota, you should receive a receipt of transfer right there from the driver. Very few charities or agents charge a fee for towing services. Regardless of who picks up the car, ultimately, your charity of choice pays for the tow. If you live a very long way out, it had better be a decent car, otherwise you’ll want to apply for a salvage transfer from the DMV.

Later, you’ll receive a receipt in the mail outlining the use your car will be put to. It will also outline the amount your charity received in donated funds if the car was already sold. Sales of such cars on the wholesale market typically get anywhere from 5-30% of their “fair market” value by the Blue Book. Most donated cars in Minnesota are sold into the wholesale market for a loss that nets the charity in question, a rather small amount of money at the end of the day.

This is partly true because donated cars in Minneosta have traditionally been covered in rust and suitable only to be parted out. Putting a “California” body on such a car may be done, but this is usually only the case when students are learning the art of body repair and replacement. Fortunately for car owners in the state, finishes now are more resilient to salt damage and fewer cars, even in storage, have holes through them.

If used immediately, refurbished to be donated or sold, the value should be close to the “fair” Kelley Blue Book price when you donate a car in Minnesota to a charity that donates cars for use or for the instructional market.

This value is the one used to calculate your 1040 Form deductions. This amount will be subtracted from your net income when figuring the expenses for your income tax. For those in middle class income tax brackets, this means that about a third of your deduction will come off your total tax bill.

If you do your homework and spend a little of time on the project, you can still find charities that accept car donations to be actually used as cars. Often, such services only accept interesting or high valued donations that may have to be assessed by an independent appraiser to verify the value when taking deductions of over $5,000 when donating the car in Minnesota.

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Auto Diesel/29_donate car Minnesota.txt

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