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? How Charitable Donations of Automobiles Can Benefit Needy Individuals in Your Community

There are many reasons why needy families in your community can benefit from charitable donations of your old automobile. Much of this is rooted in the free market economy that dominates in the United States, sometimes despite the best interests of low-income workers that make up the bottom of the labor pyramid that drives consumer spending and business revenues. Add a hot real estate market that has led a renewed flight of entry level jobs from densely populated urban centers that are well-served by public transit, and you have a crisis situation for many such workers that can only be solved by charitable donations.

It’s not just people on welfare that are in desperate need of charitable donations in the form of food aid and autos. There are millions of gainfully employed persons in the US who are unable to meet even their most basic needs. Welfare reform in the 1990s led to a vast increase in

Recent moves by the Bush administration to reclassify poverty are not fooling anyone living that nightmare. Despite cheery headlines to the contrary, the poor are getting poorer and there are fewer people interested in their plight than ever before. Perhaps it’s because so many who consider themselves “middle-class” are beginning to struggle as only the poor had once.

Perhaps it’s due to vitriolic rhetoric coming from neo-conservative mouthpieces and politicians who decry any use of public funding to support people not entirely like themselves. Perhaps it’s just easier to assume that anyone can make it in America. Well, anyone can, but the cards are definitely stacked against those with low incomes. Anyone who has ever investigated taking out a payday loan to buy groceries or relies upon credit cards to make ends meet can attest to that.

Regardless of the reasons why charitable donations of automobiles are in such high demand, they are desperately needed by an ever-increasing segment of the working populace. This problem is exasperated by the premium paid to workers who are able to navigate outside the areas of public transportaion. Having a vehicle not only means that workers are able to free themselves from the whims of late trains and missed bus transfers but also, the ability to take higher paying work and finally crawl out of the hole and become more fully contributing members of society who are not dependent upon charitable donations of anything.

That said, it is imperative that one find an organization that is capable of taking charitable donations of automobiles and giving them directly to needy individuals and families that need them. Not only does this give you the satisfaction of knowing your charitable donations remain in the community, but you also can rest assured that you’ll be able to take the full, fair-market value of your charitable donations that can represent a significant increase over the wholesale auction price that is often given.

Even if the car is eventually sold at a deep discount to the organization’s constituents, you may still claim the full value, as long as it’s not sold to a member of the general public. If repairs are made to one of your vehicular charitable donations before use, you’re still able to take that fair market donation for what condition the car finally appeared.

Indeed, organizations that provide automotive transport have classically been those that chiefly benefited from these types of charitable donations. Whether they exist to transport a needy individual to doctors appointments, a school of higher learning or even just keeping someone in touch with their linguistic community once they’re had to move away to take work elsewhere.

Charitable donations of automobiles also have the advantage of giving a segment of the population a sense of freedom that their low-wage jobs don’t often afford. It’s this sense of individuality that has made the US the crucible of self-determination that is envied the world over. Even if you didn’t stand a very good chance of increasing your personal tax exemption with charitable donations of cars and trucks, creating a future population base that is fully contributing to the national economy is useful to everyone.
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Auto Diesel/16_charitable donations.txt

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