Allport Limited Receives First Units of Zenloc Container Security Alarm

Zenloc Security Systems Limited ( is proud to announce that Allport Limited, the UK’s leading independent freight forwarder, is the first company in the world to take possession of the much-heralded Zenloc Container Alarm. On 9th September 2009, the inventor of this award-winning freight alarm, Barry Schofield, personally delivered the first units to the Allport offices at The Haven in Ipswich.

Barry Schofield, who has worked alongside Allport in some capacity for the past decade and as Group Security Consultant for five years, handed over the units of the Zenloc Container Alarm to Matt Thomas, Team Leader of the Transport Team, who stated “I will get these out to the drivers immediately – these are brilliant”.

Allport has made it clear that the decision to place the first multiple order of this groundbreaking alarm was not based on Barry Schofield’s previous relationship with the company, but instead was very much influenced by the product’s innovation. An Allport press release publicising the company’s receipt of the Zenloc states: “Fitting alarms to the rear door of a container is not a new idea, but what Barry Schofield’s invention could do, that others couldn’t, was send a remote alert to the driver either in his cab, or another location.” Allport Operations Director, Kevin Witmore is quoted as saying, “It’s a no-brainer for me – protection of my drivers and the goods they transport is vital.”

The remote indication of an attempted security breach is just one of the reasons that the Zenloc Container Alarm won the prestigious Gatwick Diamond Business Awards for Innovation in Manufacturing in March of this year. The revolutionary aspects of the trailer alarm, and the positive and far-reaching implications this will have on freight security, means that Allport, and no doubt many more freight forwarding companies, are keen to adopt this container security device.

Inventor and CEO of Zenloc Security Systems Ltd, Barry Schofield commented, “We are excited that Allport have chosen to trial the Zenloc Container Alarm and are highly confident in their findings. Allport are just the sort of company to benefit hugely from the heightened security they will receive from our product.”

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