After India Perspective: Three-dimensional Hot Stamping And Hot Stamping Of The Technical Features

Three-dimensional hot stamping technology is very different than the normal tipping, in addition to the formation of three-dimensional relief-like pattern, the at the plate, temperature control and pressure control are different.

Print Network HC Three-dimensional hot stamping technology is very different than the normal tipping, in addition to relief-like three-dimensional pattern formation, the at plate, temperature control and pressure control are different.

1, plate 1, version ordinary stamping
High-quality version is stamping stamping quality assurance, version ordinary stamping production is relatively simple, mainly photographic plate corrosion process technology and electronic engraving plate. Common Plate Is a copperplate or zincograph. Copperplate as fine texture, smooth surface, heat transfer performance, pressure resistant, easy deformation, is the mainstream version stamping. Etching using high-quality graphics can improve the stamping of the luster and clarity. The small number of some stamping, quality, less demanding Packaging Printing Products can be used when stamping zinc plate.

Photographic plate corrosion is a traditional production methods, the process is simple, low cost, low accuracy, mainly for text, broad-brush and the image quality less demanding. The electronic version of the sculpture produced in stamping performance of the image can be finer level of fine lines and uneven thickness of the graphic can be well reproduced, but the relatively high cost.

2, three-dimensional hot stamping Edition Three-dimensional version of the production of stamping stamping version of the same principle and common but complicated than the ordinary version, because it is necessary to form three-dimensional relief patterns, stamping version usually sunken, and level of change with depth, depth of Stamping version more than the average depth and precise. Currently the main use of the copper version of photo etching method. This method has the advantage of low-cost, simple process, but it only applies to flat gold foil, as three-dimensional difference and short service life, resistance to Indian power and India is only about 100,000, it is often used in some of the effects of less demanding relief Package Products.

Now widely used abroad, has carved brass version, with Scanners First stamping pattern to scan the data stored into the computer, and then through the computer and software control of three-dimensional carving, forming a rich three-dimensional images of the yin-level model gravure. Because it is computer controlled, can form very fine patterns, the performance of the minor part of the more desirable, up to one million anti-Indian forces over India, so it is suitable for production requirements of high quality, three-dimensional printing large gilt Yin gravure model. Of course, due to be equipped with high-end electronic engraving machine, scanner, computer and software engineers, etc., their production costs higher than the photo etching method. It is precisely because of its production complex, technically difficult, may well prevent some unscrupulous manufacturers counterfeiting, there is a certain security features. Therefore, it requires a number of high-quality forgery long version of live, tobacco and bag, wine bag, packaging and greeting cards and other health products, it is suitable for solid tipping. Previously, this version will need to go abroad stamping process, high cost, delivery is not timely, Design Effects are not satisfactory. Currently, domestic manufacturers have been able to process such a small amount of hot stamping Edition, effectively reduces the cost, especially processors communicate directly with the designers, to correctly understand the design intent, to get satisfactory results.

2, bottom mode relief Different from ordinary three-dimensional hot stamping hot stamping, general bronzing of the bottom plate is flat, does not require special production, while the three-dimensional stamping the bottom plate must correspond with the version of the Yang stamping die relief, that is the site of the sunken stamping Edition bottom plate should be raised, and raised the height and depth of stamping Edition sunken corresponding. End module production methods and bump letterpress imprint Yang model is the same as making relief, commonly used materials are plaster and fiberglass. If the use of gypsum required to complete the production of the machine, so the more complex process, replacement bottom plate of trouble, but the cost is low, and now more commonly used domestic. If you can use fiberglass model of pre-production version of the gilt, and with the production process of copperplate positioning holes to facilitate the replacement of positioning.

Bottom die stamping intaglio relief is to tie in to form three-dimensional relief pattern, which must correspond with the precision stamping version. However, tipping is different from the three-dimensional embossing embossing, stamping embossing most do not need heating, while the three-dimensional stamping must be heated to high temperatures. In stamping, the higher temperatures, hot stamping Edition expansion will occur, but the temperature of the bottom mold relief has remained unchanged, this will cause the end of die stamping and letterpress version of the non-matching, resulting in crushing the bottom mold or not stamping phenomenon. Therefore, the production of relief when the end of die stamping version of the expansion rate of full consideration, in order to produce accurate end-mode relief.

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