Access Vanish Truck Bed Cover Review

Just the tonneau specialists at Agri-cover would try to produce a truck bed cover that’s, well, hardly … there.  The all-new, sleek-looking Access Vanish tonneau cover contributes a wealth of great tonneau features such as weather coverage and improved Miles per gallon without the lightweight appearance and ugly arc of inexpensive covers.

Vanish by agri-cover is larger-than-life when it comes to features and slim in its profile. Made-to-order to accommodate your pickup’s bed. Postured barely ½” across your bed rails held in place with continuous made-to-last Velcro industrial seals. climate control seal barrier halts the elements. Rolls up with the reinforcement bows for fast full-bed access and opens easily by way of a release mechanism along with simple slide locks.  EZ Dial tenseness dial guarantees a tight fit in all weather. Additionally, its Ultra-violet protected vinyl-like material distress beneath the beating sun and stays pliant to -40°F. Quickly and easily installs in less than 30 minutes with tight bite clamps (most trucks). On top of that, the access vanish tonneau cover is covered under warranty for three years.

The Access Vanish truck bed cover realized its name because it barely sits ½” higher than the bed rails – giving new meaning to the phrase “low profile tonneau cover”.  All the same, unlike different low-profile truck tops, the Vanish continues to channel harsh climate where it can do no harm. This combo of profile and 4-season protection capableness can be bought for the price of an access Vanish tonneau.

Other attributes that make a difference include the Vanish’s auto-tension arrangement, fast roll-up total bed access, long-lasting Velcro side seals, adroit trigger release, all rolled up inside a 3-year limited warranty.  There’s more … each Access Vanish truck bed cover can be installed in no time flat utilizing the included patented clamps.

Slim in profile, no pussycat when it comes to security and ruggedness.  Doesn’t your cover deserve to “vanish” … today?

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