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restless entrepreneurial impulse is always to make a surprise Zhengnan Yan: the software came from the stable state of his body into the sea, as a professional software writers;

Ctrip complete access to business executives and technical personnel to turn, become the most promising young executives; Ctrip listing has unexpectedly retired from pulling up a no Wine Restaurant industry experience began in the ranks of "7 Days Inn hotel."

Today, "7 days" comparable worth has been "like family." Zheng Nanyan pure and lofty goal: to do a better company.

Young talent Well Bill. Gates effect
Vision for the future life is to play just technical expertise.
1968 Zhengnan Yan was born in Shantou, a child, he always wanted to become scientists. He is very talented on the computer, using the present perspective is that type of young talent.

Zhengnan Yan's father, former Secretary-General of Guangdong Provincial Association for Computing Machinery, is the first of his profound impact on the people. Middle school by chance, Zhengnan Yan was selected to participate in Guangdong Province, the computer program contest, the results are third in the province. Since then, his interest in the computer occurred, the University is also logical to choose computer science.

Before university teachers on Zhengnan Yan's comments are surprisingly consistent: great potential, but their requests not stringent enough, we should strive. Recall their own childhood, adolescence, Zhengnan Yan has been a class cadres, but not always the most top-notch. Has been 5-10 in the region hovered. He concluded, like spring itself, as little to ease the pressure, pressure reaction force also great.

"University, Bill. Gates's mysterious story is also deeply influenced me." At that time, every time the software regarded as a heaven-like worship Bill Gates. However, Zheng Nanyan when the future vision of life is to play just technical expertise. In 1991, the 23-year-old Zhengnan Yan graduated from the Department of Computer Science Zhongshan University, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province Economic and Trade Commission entered.

First sea Every day, write programs, play games, so that by myself is a waste.
Economic and Trade Commission of such a stable job is considered the "golden rice bowl" Moreover Zhengnan Yan is the technical backbone. But life is not Zhengnan Yan yearning step by step, he soon tired of: "Always write programs, play games, this is wasted by myself." First life choice that lies ahead: In 1993, Zheng Nanyan decided to quit the sea .

Zhengnan Yan partnership with two friends founded the labor industry, computer software company. The company is still in its development of hotel software is now ranked the top three. Three people in Guangzhou were rented palm of a place, Zheng Nanyan responsible for software development. "There was no other ideas, just think it was funny, you know every technical staff want to develop their own systems."

When they get a hotel management system for IT projects, day and night to write a program, basically sleeping in a hotel. But Zheng Nanyan very happy, especially after six months, the software is sold for seven or eight million dollars. "According to the present input-output ratio, then it basically be flat." But the value of achieving a strong sense to motivate them.

Initial victory, they successfully developed a Maxima Hotel Management System, and became the first brand in South China, the company has ranked among the top three hotel class enterprise software. The company was later renamed the "Guangzhou Wan Xun computer software company" to Zheng Nanyan already have 200 people leaving the scale. When he left, eventually Take out 56 million, is also his business in the history of "pot of gold."

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