?Used Diesel Trucks – Know This Before You Shop

There are many reasons why people buy used diesel trucks. Some use them for off-roading, some for towing recreational vehicles, and some people need them for work. A truck is a useful tool for many people in outdoor and agricultural settings. Many pickup trucks run on gasoline just like a car, but some use diesel fuel. A diesel engine has many advantages, from fuel economy to trade-in value. Because new vehicles depreciate significantly in the first three years after purchase, many serious drivers choose to buy a used diesel truck.

Diesel Truck Advantages

Although sometimes harder to find on the market, diesel pickups have several advantages over gasoline-powered trucks. The initial cost may be greater, simply because diesel trucks hold their value so well. This can be observed by comparing the Kelly Blue Book values on otherwise identical gas and diesel-powered trucks. This is because diesel engines last much longer than gasoline engines, especially when subjected to heavy towing or other kinds of heavy wear.

A diesel truck will also get much better fuel economy than a comparable gas-powered truck, often as high as 30%. Although diesel fuel is sometimes more expensive than gasoline, the price does not fluctuate as much. Diesel fuel is not likely to shoot up suddenly in price the way gasoline can.

Used Diesel Trucks

A new vehicle depreciates by thousands of dollars as soon as it is driven off the dealership lot. The primary advantage of a new truck is the warranty, and possibly that “”new car smell””. Buying a used pickup means getting more truck for the money, including features and options that would have been unaffordable on a new model. A truck that is three, four, or five years old will often have several years of low-maintenance operation before parts begin to wear out.

A used vehicle will usually have any manufacturing defects repaired, and been serviced for any recall-related issues. While it can be difficult to tell if a truck has had any major damage or repairs, a vehicle history report can be obtained online using the Vehicle Identification Number. Prospective buyers should obtain this report before purchasing a used vehicle.

A those that need a heavy duty vehicle, a used diesel truck is often the best choice. A diesel engine provides not only power, but excellent fuel economy as well. A used diesel pickup will hold its value and be worth more when traded in or resold. For those that drive their trucks for as long as possible, a diesel engine often has twice the life expectancy of a gasoline engine. Whether it will be used on a farm, ranch, construction site, or just for towing a couple of dirt bikes, a used diesel truck is well worth the price.

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