?The Unknown Potential of Diesel Trucks As High Performance Vehicles

Racing down the quarter mile in 11 seconds is impressive for a street legal & driven vehicle. It becomes even more impressive when that vehicle gets 20+ miles per gallon. But the jaws really drop when said vehicle weighs in between 6,000 and 8,000 pounds, and is powered by a smokey diesel. Of course, it does not stop at 11 seconds. Yester-years diesels, perceived as dirty, obnoxious, and sluggish, are becoming challengers for such sports cars as the Chevrolet Corvette and Dodge Viper. The true potential of diesel is finally being explored and recognized.

The new age of diesel technology has gifted electronically controlled diesel engines that are capable of producing amazing power figures on pump diesel with bolt on modifications and tuning. Forget 500, even 600 horsepower. Street legal diesels are working their way into 4 figure horsepower and torque ratings. Diesel motor sports are more popular than ever, and the potential of diesel technology is finally being exploited by the media (in a great way).

If neck-snapping power is not impressive enough, how about saving some hard earned dollars at the pump? The combustion process of diesel fuel, in comparison to gasoline, is much more efficient. Though diesel powered vehicles weigh more than comparable gasoline vehicles, they receive greater fuel mileage due to their amazing efficiency. Though diesel engines have had a poor reputation in the past, they have long surpassed the efficiency of gasoline engines. With minor modifications, these vehicles are capable of outstanding performance AND fuel economy; the best of both worlds. It won’t be long until a 10 second diesel truck surpasses a Toyota Prius in fuel economy.

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