?Old Trucks Are Like Old Friends

Sometimes people give me strange looks when I get out of my old truck in parking lots. It’s as if they’re saying “”Boy, can’t she afford something better than that?””

And I’ll admit, my truck does look rough. It definitely needs a new paint job, and the upholstery is worn. But the only way my truck will get traded in on a new one is if the day comes when it’s just impossible to make repairs. I don’t have to drive very far and don’t go anywhere very often because as a freelancer, I work from home. So I think and hope that we have a few more years together before that happens.

So what if I have to use a key to unlock the door, and the seats aren’t heated? The heater and air conditioner work perfectly, so I’m always comfortable.

My truck is an old friend. It’s a 1991 Chevy � Ton, four-wheel drive with a 454 engine, and it has gotten me places other people are afraid to go. Like through deep mud and snow berms and up steep dirt roads. We’ve been together so long that I don’t have to think about how much to accelerate to make it up an icy hill or how much power I’ll need to slog through a muddy stretch of road. We work together – just like old friends should.

Not only that, it fits me perfectly. From the size and shape of the seat, to the angle of the steering wheel, to the distance to the foot pedals – my truck and I fit each other. And it handles and rides like a dream – so smooth. If that wasn’t enough, any time I want to really get moving all I have to do is touch the gas pedal and we’ll be zooming.

The only problem comes when I try to drive some ordinary car, or my husband’s diesel truck. I keep thinking there’s something wrong because nothing happens when I touch the gas. Then I remember, “”Oh yes, on this vehicle I have to push on the gas pedal.””

Over the years my truck has had to have a few repairs – and right now there’s a pesky oil leak. But hey, after traveling over 223,000 miles, it’s entitled to an ache or a pain here and there.

I’m in favor of keeping old friends – whether they’re humans, old horses, or trucks that have served me well. I see no point in trading them in for new ones, but instead choose to nurture and care for the ones I have.

Now when it comes to old computers – I’m not so loyal.

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