?Last Days of the 2010 Ford F-250 Super Duty 6

A quick glance at the 2010 Ford F-250 Super Duty engine options reveals three potent power plants. The factory offers a 5.4L V8, a 6.8L V10, and a 6.4L turbo-diesel V8. For performance enthusiasts, the 6.8L V10 continues to provide exhilarating performance. Regardless of the success of this lineup, the selection within the truck series is about to change.

The 3-valve SOHC V10 was originally introduced in 2005. Initially, power output was rated at 310 hp and 425 lbs.-ft. torque. Over the last five years, continuous factory improvements increased maximum output to 362 hp and 457 lbs.-ft. torque. The original aluminum head design used three valves per cylinder that were actuated by a single overhead camshaft. Because of the success of the unique head design, current models continue using the same configuration.

According to factory representatives, production of the V10 power plant will be phased out later this year. The 6.2L Boss V8 will replace the legendary V10. The 6.2L Boss should produce approximately 500 hp. Perhaps the substitution is intended to regain dominance over the top-performing power plant available in the GMC 2500HD now rated at 360 hp.

The new 6.2L Boss will also be available in F-150 and F-350 series trucks. Because of the large horsepower increase, industry watchers anticipate record performance gains in all weight classes in 2011. Other 2010 Ford F-250 Super Duty engine options will remain unchanged next year. For heavy industrial use and towing, the 3-valve turbo-diesel delivers a stump-pulling 650 lbs.-ft. of torque.

Truck fans across the country regret seeing the V10 vanish. Nevertheless, full factory support is assured through all applicable warranty periods. In addition, the availability of aftermarket parts guarantees continued support for years to come. As always, as one champion disappears into history, a new champion appears to regain dominance.

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