?Hybrid Versus Gas Cars – What’s Better For You?

Hybrid vehicles have become very popular. According to J.D. Power and Associates, sales of hybrid and diesel powered cars will triple by 2015.

Hybrid cars are more fuel-efficient than regular gasoline engine vehicles, which is better for the environment. These vehicles are more fuel efficient, in short, because of its engine structure. Hybrid cars use a gasoline engine as well as an electric engine, which allow it to get better gas mileage.

Toyota has been leading the way in hybrid engine technology with its Prius line of cars. Toyota’s Camry and Highlander also are available with hybrid engines. Other major car companies such as General Motors, Honda and Ford have added hybrid vehicle to its line-up of vehicles.

Yet for all the touted benefits of a hybrid car, it’s a difficult decision when choosing between a hybrid and a regular car. Things like price, repair costs and performance factor into the decision-making process when deciding between a hybrid and a gas-powered car.

To help you decide, which car is right for you, we have compiled a list a several factors to consider before you purchase your car.

SelectionMost of the major car manufactures do not have hybrid versions of all vehicle models. As noted earlier, Toyota has hybrids for the following: Prius, Camry, Highlander. Honda has hybrids for the Accord, Civic and Insight.

By choosing a hybrid, you will limit your choice of cars and trucks you can buy. The good thing is that most car companies have hybrids for their best-selling vehicles.

PerformanceHybrids have a reputation of taking a little longer to accelerate from a stop. Thanks to advances in engineering, the torque on hybrid engines has been improved over the years. For people that are looking for a more performance-based vehicle they may want a gas engine instead of a hybrid.

EnvironmentHere is where the hybrid out performs traditional gas engine cars. The hybrid gets better gas mileage than traditional vehicles. For instance, the 2011 Toyota Prius gets an estimated 51/48 miles per gallon. By comparison the 2011 Toyota Corolla gets an estimated 26/35 miles per gallon.

When deciding what type of vehicle is right for you, be sure to calculate your regular driving distances in a week to see how much you would save by purchasing a hybrid.

CostCost is obviously one of the more important factors in helping you decide which vehicle to purchase. In terms of sticker price, hybrid vehicles are typically a little more expensive than traditional vehicles.

For instance, the 2011 Toyota Camry starts at $19,720 while the Toyota Camry hybrid starts at $26,575. This is obviously an important factor in deciding, which vehicle is right for you.

In terms of repair costs, hybrid repair costs are similar to that of regular cars. Repairs to a hybrids battery can be a little pricy costing a few thousand dollars to replace.

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