?How to Save Diesel Fuel – Converting Your Truck to Run on Water

If you drive a truck, you will be experiencing a higher cost every time you go to the diesel pump at the gas station. With the high global crude oil prices, the prices of diesel are climbing with the same alarming rate. Most truck drivers are blue collar workers. It is a challenge for everyone to figure out how to save diesel fuel. One of the most unique answers to that question is converting your truck to run on water.

There has been news report online that you can actually use water as an alternative fuel to diesel. This is done by installing a device that extracts hydrogen gas (H2) from water and channeling it into the engine air intake system. When H2 is mixed with conventional diesel and burnt in the combustion chambers, it has the ability to increase the power output. Theoretically, with the same amount of fuel used and a higher engine power, you are improving your truck mileage therefore saving costs.

The challenge is, how do you separate hydrogen gas from water? You use a process call electrolysis. Water is an element made out of 2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen. That is why the chemical name for water is H2O. By delivering electricity current through water, it will separate the hydrogen or “”Brown gas”” from water. Brown gas is a highly combustible gas and can be used to power your truck.

To convert your truck to run on water is by install an electrolysis device. You can make the device by yourself with parts easily available from a hardware store. What you will need is some hand tools and good instructional guides. The guides are easily available from the internet. Installing the device is not too difficult. Generally, the guides come with step by step instruction with pictures. What you will need is some patience and the dedication to finish the project. With the current sky rocketing fuel prices, any idea that can save diesel cost will be a blessing.

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