?How to Choose a Pickup Truck

The trucks of the past were fairly basic. They were without a variety of options for choosing and they all looked pretty similar. Although there were variations in styles of the automakers but a truck was a truck.

This modern era has changed things completely. Plenty of choices are available for the drivers nowadays. They vary from basic work trucks designed for carrying cargo to option-filled trucks that competes with a luxury sedan.

The question arises how to choose a right pickup truck. One way for getting started is to take time for analyzing the wants and needs.

Do You Have a Favorite Automaker?

If one has a good automaker and the automaker builds trucks then that is the proper place to start.

The references in the index of ‘Truck By Manufacturer’ are arranged yearly and by automaker. Reviews, facts, features, options and specifications can be found. They are enough to give a better overview of what is offered by each truck.

Compact Truck or Full Size Truck?

Compact trucks are smaller in size as compared to full size trucks. They have the power to usually tow a weight of about 3,000 pounds; this is the weight that appropriate for many trailers and towing tasks. If one has more heavy towing needs then a mid-size or full size truck is a better option.

As compared to size, mid-size pickups and full-size of compact trucks can be relatively close in size with each other. The finest way for understanding how they compare to each other in respect to interior and exterior size is to compare them on dealer lots.

The compact trucks generally get better gas mileage than as compared to the full size trucks. Although EPA Fuel Economy Ratings should also be checked to confirm average mileage statistics but the actual mileage will be different.

It should be made sure that the interior space of a compact truck is spacious enough to meet the needs.

Engine Choices

Engines of four-cylinder and six-cylinder can be found in compact trucks. More variety is offered in full-size trucks available with six-cylinders, diesels, V8s and V10s.

Drive train Options

Many trucks in the market are available with either a manual or an automatic transmission and there is a choice of 2WD and 4WD. There are many trucks that offer limited-slip or locking differentials and electronic traction control. The options that are becoming increasingly popular are the safety options that are available on new pickup trucks.

The Seating Needs

Several trucks are available in cab styles; this makes one able to find what suits the seating needs.

A standard cab truck comes in one bench or two bucket seats, there is no second row seating and usually and there is also no considerable storage behind the seats.

The extended cab truck has jump seats; there is also a bench seat at the back. It must be made sure to sit at the back while someone else drives the truck so that one feels its seating comfort. Extra space for carrying groceries or other luggage behind the first row is also provided in the extended cabs. They are weather proof and can be locked for security.

The crew cab truck comes in full seating of second row; there are four doors that swing open towards the front. Crew cabs are getting popular as more and more people started using pickup trucks as their primary vehicle. Tundra CrewMax of Toyota has a deep second row; it is spacious enough for rear seats to stretch out. The Dodge Ram Mega Cab that started in 2009 also offers rear seats that recline.

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