?Ford Spearheads Diesel Revolution

Ford Motor Company in its endeavor to introduce innovative technologies that improve fuel economy, reduce vehicle emissions and country’s reliance on imported oil, has finally come up with the cleanest and the quietest diesel sold in America. Its all-new Ford F-Series Super Duty pickup has a new 6.4-liter Power Stroke® Diesel that has ultra low-sulfur diesel fuel and advanced diesel particulate filter which can provide particulate emissions levels similar to that of gasoline engines. 2008 Ford F-Series Super Duty pickup is soon to be unveiled at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas on Sept. 28.

“”Ford has built its truck reputation on innovation in design, capability and durability,”” said Mark Fields, Ford’s president of The Americas. He further noted, “”Clean diesel power will bring even more capability to our new Super Duty pickup – along with a new level of quietness and refinement. It’s what you would expect from America’s truck leader for nearly 30 years, and it’s the sort of innovation you will see throughout our product lineup going forward.””

Ford F-Series Pickup parts have included the all new Power Stroke diesel engine to increase the current displacement of Duper Duty pickup. This engine is the very first engine in North America to utilize a high pressure, high precision, common-rail fuel injection system featuring piezo-electric injectors which pave way for a quieter engine with better emissions. The filter incorporated in it is efficient in sifting black smoke from exhaust gases. In the process, it also cleans itself through the use of advanced engine controls.

It can be recalled that Ford has also spearheaded other environment advocacies earlier. These include vehicles that can run on E-85 ethanol, including the flex-fuel F-150, and hybrids. It is also looked up as the leader in hydrogen internal combustion engines. In view of this advocacy, Ford is also actively engaged in fuel, engine and transmission studies to deploy advanced technologies without sacrificing the environment.

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