?Extreme Chevy Truck Accessories – Not for the Weak at Heart

So here we go guys today I will be covering some of the Extreme Chevy truck accessories. The accessories mentioned below generally go beyond the normal every day truck owner and enter a realm of power and torque. You will find I have chosen what I believe to be the top 5 performance upgrades for Chevy trucks. I hope you find this information valuable when building your next Extreme Chevy truck.

Extreme accessory #1 – Power Programmers. Okay guys there are two different power programmers I recommend. The first being for Diesel owners and that is the Bully Dog Triple Dog Outlook combo. This programmer is top of the line and gives you the ability to adjust horsepower on the fly. Bully Dog is the best choice for Diesel trucks. Now if you own a gas truck I recommend the Hypertech HyperPAC. This tuner is versatile and will do everything you need including diagnostics. This is considered the world’s first performance automotive computer.

Extreme accessory #2 – AEM Brute force air intakes. I know every one is always talking K&N when it comes to filters and intakes, however the AEM Brute force intake is what I recommend hands down. The AEM Brute force is top of the line allowing the most airflow you will find. Throw on a throttle body spacer and you have really made some improvements to your stock system.

Extreme accessory #3 – Borla exhaust system. When you make the other mods it is essential to do the exhaust to get the best performance out of your truck. For the Chevy I recommend the Borla system. Borla is a stainless steel mandrel bent exhaust system that increases horsepower by increasing air flow. Remember what comes in must come out. The concept of tuning your truck should start with airflow and your exhaust system is a vital part of this. Borla will perform the task well and will also give your truck a nice deep sound.

Extreme accessory #4 – Procomp lift kits- Now not everyone is looking at lifting their trucks however if you are we recommend the Procomp lift kit for your Chevy. This kit is complete with shocks, springs and hardware and is one of the most popular kits for the Chevy trucks.

Extreme accessory #5 – Flex-a-lite fans. Not everyone thinks about cooling however when you are tuning your truck for more horsepower cooling plays a vital role. We want to protect our investment so it is common sense to do something fairly simple to keep our motor cool. The Flex-a-lite Syclone fan moves up to 2500 cfm’s of air and only drawing 17 amps. Not bad at all for protection in my book.

Okay so there you have it. Listing only 5 I missed a few accessories such as upgrading your braking systems. I tried to stay with the most basic and not go overboard so I hope this information was helpful on your journey to building your Extreme Chevy truck. By doing your homework ahead of time you will find the right accessories. Remember when talking about tuning that Airflow is vital and the fact that what goes in must come out.

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