?Diesel Vehicles Are on the Rebound

Diesel vehicles are on the rebound. Diesel engines are much more powerful and fuel-efficient than similar-sized gasoline engines (about 30-35% more fuel efficient). Despite what you might remember from the past, these types of vehicles are much improved.

They emit less carbon then in the past. Today’s diesels must meet the same emissions standards as gasoline vehicles, and advances in engine technologies, and improved exhaust treatment have made this possible.

What is diesel fuel? It is generally accepted as a blend of petroleum-derived compounds called middle distillates (heavier than gasoline but lighter than lube oil) and can or cannot contain additional additives.

The major difference between the gasoline engine and the diesel engine is that the gasoline engine uses a an otto cycle. The otto cycle is a spark-ignition cycle instead of a compression-ignition cycle like the diesel cycle. Spark-ignition cycles are designed to use fuels that require a spark to begin combustion.The combustion combines the vaporized mixture of gasoline and air is delivered to the combustion chamber, where it’s then compressed and ignited by a spark plug.

In the Diesel cycle, air is compressed during the compression stroke and fuel is injected into hot, compressed air in the cylinder, spontaneously igniting the fuel. Because of this, the diesel is sometimes referred to as a compression ignition engine in contrast to a spark ignition engine

Unfortunately there are more vehicles in Europe and Asian countries running on diesel today then in America. Americans are still sold on the idea of gasoline, even though a diesel engine performs better and uses less fuel. The choices that we have in diesel vehicles are sparse we have the pick up trucks like the Ford F250 or the larger passenger vans like the Ford E250. Gratefully things are going to change dramatically in just the next decade. Manufactures will begin to offer many models to meet the growing demand for high fuel economy vehicles. Honda boost that it will have a new model out (probably an Accord) for the United States in three years. GM has announced a light-truck engine for 2010. Meanwhile, Daimler-Chrysler has introduced the Mercedes diesel. Also Jeep Grand Cherokee will have one next year. Volkswagen also has several diesel vehicles on the market.

While in the past diesel might not be thought of as a think green type of fuel. With its growing emission control and its fuel economy we are turning the other way and now considering this type of fuel environmentally friendly.

While we believe that it is going to be a considerable amount of time before we see a break through of diesel vehicles in the United States, if at all, given the new momentum that the Hybrid vehicles are mounting. We believe that this type of fuel and this type of automobile are a good alternative to gas engines. Given the fact that they use less energy which means a considerable of savings for the consumer.

Keep “”Thinking Green”” my friends.

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