?Diesel Trucks – The Essence Vs the Image

Although most people purchase diesel trucks for their versatility and
heavy-duty capabilities, some choose to buy them because of their
state-of-the-art technology while some use them as a tool to boost their ego.
This has resulted in a contradicting purpose of diesel trucks.
Most diesel trucks are equipped with large capacity motors, that are usually 3
to 4 liters but some Japanese trucks such as the Mitsubishi Storm run
adequately on a 2.5 liter motor.
Some diesel trucks such as the Dodge Ram are fitted with power plants that are
nearly three times larger than the one used in the Mitsubishi, yet most of the
extra power produced is superfluous as some people don’t even carry any loads on their enormous diesel machines. Thus, these people
buy diesel trucks mainly as a medium of showing off.
Despite soaring fuel prices, the Dodge Ram and other American-made trucks are
still in high demand as they portray the image of the American muscle. These
gas-guzzling machines barely get fifteen miles to the gallon while more
practical trucks are capable of getting twenty miles to the gallon.
The gas-guzzling engines of diesel trucks are definitely not very “green”
because of their higher emissions. Why buy such powerful diesel trucks that
release ridiculous amounts of carbon dioxide and other polluting gases when a
conventional pickup could get the job done?
Also, why would you want to pay a preposterous $45000 for a “Mega Cab” Dodge
Ram which has a 6.7 liter power plant while a typical diesel truck with a
single cab and a 3 liter motor costs less then half of the Ram?
The demand of the local community also affects what the car dealership has to
offer. For places like Chicago and New York City, some may be forced to buy the
outrageously large diesel trucks, even though they’re looking for a more conventional and practical pickup as the majority of the
population of New York City and Chicago would prefer trucks that are flashier
and capable to make them get noticed.
Most things in this world are divided into two categories, which are things
that are necessities and things that are luxuries. The same can be said for
diesel trucks as the original, practical diesel trucks can be assigned to the
necessities category while enormous, uneconomical diesel trucks are categorized
under luxuries. If you prefer to splurge on luxuries, then you would be buying
to satisfy your lust.
If not, then why not choose the conventional diesel pickup that would not only
save you loads of cash but would make you a better friend of Mother Nature.

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