?Diesel Trucks – The Essence Vs the Image

There’s a lot of confusion among many diesel trucks owners about the true essence of
diesel trucks and its image which drive people to the nearest showrooms to own
one. Although there has been a few reasons why people want to own a diesel
truck such as for their usefulness as transporting vehicle, as a symbol of
pride or engineering enthusiasm or even just as simple as to have a bigger car
to show off, the real reasons always eluded us.

In order for the diesel trucks to be able to carry tons of loads over long
distance journey, a powerful engine will definitely be needed under its hood to
get the job done. Thus, they are usually built with high capacity engines
between 3 to more than 4 litres. A fine example is the Japanese truck, Mazda
B-series which utilizes 2.3 litres of power plant.

However, do not be fooled into believing that bigger engines are always better.
This is because although they can supply more power but it is simply
unnecessary except just to brag about who has the biggest powerhouse under the
hood of their trucks. Take the Dodge Ram, for example, it has a diesel engine
of almost three times larger than that of the Mazda. But sadly, nowadays the
roads are filled with many‘glam’ trucks.

Furthermore, if brute power alone can sell, then there’s no denying the American muscle truck series will absolutely sell like hot
cakes. However, you will notice this is not the case with the Ford F-350 and
other trucks in its class. Not only do these huge machines struggle to get 15
miles with a gallon but they lose to the older and not so fancy conventional
pickup truck which can easily do more than twenty. Talk about fuel consumption

If you think the fuel consumption efficiency for these bulky and brutal trucks
was bad, wait until you heard about how eco-friendly they can – not be. It is a
well known fact that the fuel consumption efficiency measurement can provide us
roughly on how much pollution the car emitted out into the environment. Now, if
the average diesel trucks aren’t already naturally best buddies with Mother Nature, what do you make out of
these bigger meaner trucks?

Apart from that, the price issue also come into the equation. If a conventional
diesel truck, which are usually single cabs running on average 3 litre engine,
that only cost around $20,000 is sufficient to get the job done nicely, why
would anyone in their right mind (show off, don’t bother to read this) want to buy a ‘Mega Cab’ 6.7 litres engine Dodge Ram at a cost of a whopping $45, 000?

Of course, there are cases where sometimes the owners are not to be blamed as
the automobile markets vary from area to area. The unavailability of
conventional and simple truck in certain areas may force the owners to get one
which is slightly more‘bling’ and costly.

In conclusion, what we need is diesel trucks that are true to their essence
which we can rely on getting from point A to point B while on the other hand,
what we want are those gigantic monstrous machines which meant for nothing more
than showing off. If you do not fit into the latter group, then would you
consider being kinder to your bank savings and the environment?

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