?Diesel Trucks – The Essence Vs the Image

While diesel trucks are touted for their usefulness, some adopt them as a
symbol of pride, some for engineering enthusiasm and some simply to show off.
This creates a barrier between the true essence of diesel trucks and the image
of which is driving people to showrooms to get their own today.
Diesel trucks generally carry heavy loads and for them to do their jobs well,
they are normally fitted with engines of which capacities range from 3 to over
4 liters. Some Japanese trucks such as the Mazda B-series trucks even rely on
2.3 liter power plants sufficiently.
However, roads these days are filled with ‘glam’trucks. An example of this is the Dodge Ram which has a diesel engine almost
three times larger than that of the Mazda. Although bigger engines mean more
power usually, it is simply unnecessary and is a fine example of purely showing
Trucks like this, the Ford F-350 and a certain few more sell on brute power and
the image it provides which is that of American muscle. These huge machines
normally struggle to get 15 miles to the gallon while the conventional pickup
truck as well as the older and not so fancy ones would do more than twenty
The measure of fuel efficiency normally gives us a rough idea on a car’s emissions. This also applies to the diesel trucks being discussed and while
average diesel trucks aren’t naturally good friends with Mother Nature, the ones that are bulky and brutal
are even bigger enemies.
There is also the price issue. A conventional barebones diesel truck which is
good enough to do the job would just cost $20000 more or less. These are
normally single cabs which run on 3 liter engines on average and are what true
diesel trucks have always been. As a point of comparison, a “Mega Cab” Dodge
Ram which has 6.7liters of engine under the hood costs around a whopping
The automobile markets which vary from area to area also affect the balance of
trucks that are useful and conventional with the bold, powerful and costly
trucks. Depending on the market, some just looking for a simple truck to do the
job are forced to buy one with slightly more‘bling’ due to what the market has and doesn’t have.
All in all, the diesel trucks which are true to their essence are what we
really need and those towering and monstrous machines are what we really want.
Well, some of us I guess. If what you want really conquers what you need, at
least you’re paying money for your satisfaction.
If that is not the case, maybe you would try to consider being kinder to your
bank account and the environment.

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