?Diesel Trucks – How Far They Have Come

Diesel trucks these days are not really what they were way back when they were
first built. Be it in terms of performance, look or popularity, they have
endured a long journey in the automotive world as they constantly evolved with
During its time of creation many decades back, the diesel truck was created
with the sole purpose of being a utility vehicle able to transport heavy loads
for long distances with the option of a diesel engine chosen for the sake of
economical purposes. As it grew throughout the years, much of its purpose is
still the same but almost every other thing about it is either new or
Of course, one notable change diesel trucks experience is the one in the looks
department. Then again, which vehicle does not change its design and styling as
the years go by? The more notable changes in diesel trucks are how they perform
today as compared to years back and how they are being used.
These days, a diesel engine simply isn’t enough. Despite its roots indicating that diesel trucks were made to be as
efficient as possible in doing their simple task, these vehicles have grown in
stature and are not only fitted with the technologically advanced common rail
diesel engines but are also turbocharged to give that extra kick in performance
as though their big engines are not good enough.
With more performance inclined diesel trucks available, these vehicles are
being used more widely in off-road activities, an area dominated by SUVs not
that long ago. In fact, diesel trucks have come such a long way that there is a
category for them to compete in the world renowned Dakar Rally.
Apart from the major transformation in terms of performance throughout the
years, diesel, or should they be called turbo-diesel trucks have become
vehicles of fancy. Trucks like the Dodge Ram for example do not sell only on
their insanely huge and probably unnecessary 5.9 liter engine but also their
image, an American muscle image to be exact.
Because of its use or more specifically misuse in this era, diesel trucks are
now in a category of vehicles suffering from a large amount of criticism
because of their efficiency and emissions. If people who only had themselves to
carry stop this trend of using a truck just for the sake of liking it, this
would not be the situation.
Yes, diesel trucks have come a long way indeed. Despite certain changes in what
runs them and how they are utilized, they still are in essence the same kind of
vehicle it was when it first tasted tarmac. For this reason alone, diesel
trucks still have a long road awaiting them ahead.

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