?Diesel Truck MPG – Beating Gasoline Engines For More Miles Per Gallon

Often times the diesel engine truck is used to haul very heavy items, opting to pick a diesel engine will not only benefit for the heavy load, but it will also help with the miles per gallon (mpg). Diesel truck mpg is much better than that of gasoline engines. While regular unleaded gasoline runs more smoothly and is easier to find, the engine that runs on diesel fuel should still be considered when buying a new truck.

If a consumer is in the market for a new truck and they need to haul heavy loads regularly, that person should probably stick with diesel. Since diesel trucks can get better mileage (for they are built to go 250,000 miles more) they are ideal for heavy loads and many trips back and forth. Because of all these reasons, and although diesel trucks tend to cost more, they will end up being well worth the money in the long run.

One reason diesel fuel might have a higher cost than most gas is that it has higher energy content than gasoline, and diesel performance is usually better in terms of engine output. These reasons also mean that vehicles running on diesel put less global-warming pollution into the air. Thanks to its higher energy content and its efficient combustion process, diesel performance enables cars and trucks to travel at least 30% farther on a gallon of fuel than comparable gasoline models. The improved efficiency of diesel engines can also help reduce oil consumption.

Many dealerships are not offering a choice of either a diesel engine or a gasoline engine. While both are equal in different ways, the diesel engines have less keep up. Gasoline engines need a tune up every thirty thousand miles, while a diesel engine can go much longer without a tune up.

General Motors, Ford and many other companies are doing extensive research on putting forth a car that does not run on gasoline, but currently there are many consumers that are opting for a diesel engine over a gasoline engine. While most gasoline engines are a standard in cars, in order to keep diesel truck mpg down, a lot of companies are making the diesel engine a standard in most trucks. Hybrid trucks are also becoming quite a popular commodity as well, but until the price of hybrid trucks goes down, the diesel truck will still be one of the best choices.

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