?Diesel Powered RVs Vs Gas Powered RVs

Buying an RV is exciting. Often the thoughts of all the fun you and your family will have with your new vehicle make it hard to concentrate on some of the important choices you have to make concerning the type of RV that is right for you. There are several differences in the many styles of RV but two really big differences that should be considered is whether you want a gasoline powered RV or a diesel powered RV.

There are points about both that people who choose them love and what is right for you is a personal decision, but not one that should be made lightly. There are some myths surrounding the different types of fuel systems as well such as the one that proclaims diesel to be a cheaper fuel. At some times it is cheaper than regular gasoline, and at other times it is actually more expensive. Diesel, like gasoline is subject to the same types of market fluctuations and reasons for price inflation. However, where diesel can gain some points in the cost comparison is in the amount used. Diesel is a denser fuel and less is required to travel the same distance as gas.

Availability may be a factor for you and should be considered. In some areas it is difficult to find diesel fuel. If you live near a highway or route heavily trafficked by large trucks you are more likely going to have diesel available locally than if you live in areas removed from that type of traffic. Another myth is that diesel engines last longer and start more reliably than gasoline engines. This is true in most cases. Diesel engines tend to last longer than gasoline engines.

Strength vs. speed: Diesels tend to be the powerhouses to the gasoline engine’s speedster. If you are pulling a big load a diesel engine has more torque and will get it moving quicker with less wear than a gasoline engine. However, today’s RV’s are equipped with gasoline or diesel engines that are well adapted to pulling the load of the vehicle and usually a tow-along as well. A gasoline engine may be a better choice if you plan on doing a lot of local road driving vs. highway driving where the ability to start quickly from a stop is more important.

Gasoline powered RV’s will probably be slightly more cost effective at the initial purchase since diesel engines tend to be more expensive than gasoline engines. Those who love diesel consider it a fair trade for the longer lasting engine. Diesel engines are also a little louder, even with modern technology than gasoline engines, but when running at an efficient speed on the highway the difference will be negligible.

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