?Air Should Be Free and Gas Should Be American

I only visit gas stations with free air and fuel from the USA. Yes they exist my gas station of choice gets the idea, don’t “” nickle and dime”” your customers. The Federal Government and Barack Obama need to take volumes of pages out of any small business handbook. Reviewing some of the news headlines this summer, some more notable then others

Truck Economy News

The federal government’s own Barack Obama signed off on a program last month that would see U.S. consumers get as much as $4500 (USD) towards a new car when they trade in an old car with an automobile that gets poor gas mileage. This translates to taking and crushing old cars (pickup trucks) and future classic automobiles for the sake of saving the planet.

In addition to this reducing the market size of the old autos, reducing size of the aftermarket truck parts, accessories market, AND uses your tax payer money to pay for your neighbors new car?

But Wait There is More!

The Obama administration also has slammed through an increased in the CAFE standards on all cars and light duty trucks. Is it logical to spend billions of dollars to bail out GM and Chrysler, let them go to bankruptcy, (say goodbye to your billions) Then add a piece of stupid lawmaking that makes it harder and more expensive for US manufacturers to produce a truck that can be competitive. In addition to this US manufacturers will have a harder time

1. Competing with the imports,and non union US truck Manufacturers, Toyota and Nissan

2. We are now seeing trucks  from China and India?

3. Only US, UAW Union made Pickup Trucks will cost more money to produce.

3. US manufacturers will be saddled with more restrictions then the imported competitors

4. This will force the manufacturers to produce diesel engines. This is not a problem except for the fact that diesel fuel production is much lower then gas production which artificially raises the price of the fuel

5. The current environmental movement working on cap and tax scheme is trying to increase the tax on your diesel and gas emissions

6. Implement Tire rolling standards ( for increase fuel efficiency) This is coming from California, New York, Oregon and other state legislatures. This translates to more expensive tires from the manufacturers which will have to pass those “”fees”” on to you ( tax)

Lawmakers Have No Plan

It is clear that the Federal Government and lawmakers have no clear cut plan for monitoring and managing  these phenomenomes called “”Capitalism”” and “”Global Warming””. Causing small manaufacturers economic harm through moron legislative actions will and has cost jobs.

More On Legislative Actions

The NHTSA ( National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) Has increased their vehicle roof crush rule to 3 times the weight of the vehicle increase the 1971 standard of 1.5 times the vehicle weight. This ruling is estimated to cost an additional $69.00 to $114.00 per vehicle. GM (Government Motors) is still trying to climb out of bankruptcy?

UAW now owns a minority stake in GM and Chrysler? what the?

Increasing Truck Fuel Economy?

The Oregon House Environment and Water Committee approved an alternative to legislation that originally sought to stop the sale of aftermarket parts if the alternatives parts are available “”decrease greenhouse gas emissions”” Oregon is also looking at setting tire rolling efficiency standards as is New York among others.

The Answer

The only current watchdog over stupid state and federal government legislation is SEMA. Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association, SEMA Political Action group actually steps in to help eliminate the individual state patchwork of hacked up legislation. If you like American Made products, cars, pickup trucks, and aftermarket accessories then I urge you to pay attention and even get involved.

Not only does the Federal Government not have a plan to manage this phenomenom but the legislative branches at the state level have no clear cut plan as well. The amount of junk legislation being thrown up against the preverbial barn wall is incredible.

The point is you cannot pay attention to your state legislative action, contact SEMA (Specialty Equipement Manufacturing Association). SEMA is doing an absolutely wonderful job staying on top of all of these issues and working at the state and federal levels to keep this madness in tack. These laws and many more will do anything but.. increase the real truck fuel economy of your pickup truck.

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